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Biggie’s Highlights 18 Sep 2020

Lots of good things going on this week.


We saw the NHS Spitfire and Arron managed to get a video on his iPad:


We have been working on our ideas around behaviour and being pretty decent kids. We though of some attributes and created characters to represent them.

We will have more on our blog when they are finsihed.

The Biggies wrote great poems this week and you can read them:

Things we Love and Hate

Please have a read and leave a comment if you like.

We hope to share them with the P7 in Breadalbane Academy (@BreadalbaneAcad) soon in Teams.

We have also taken another TikTok photo walk trying to learn a little more about photography. This week we looked at shadows:

Tiktok Photo walks: shadows

Biggies’ Blog Highlights W/E 11 Sep 2020

We have had a busy week this week with some outdoor learning.

photography in the playground
Photography in the playground: Close-ups details and Perspective.

playground maths
2D Shapes and their properties.

Im maths we have been looking at some shapes, this lead to an experiment with rotational symmetry:

Mandala Design 8.9.20

and some compass circle drawing and experimentation which will continue next week.

We had a fire and cooked some marshmallows and apples on Tuesday, Arron & Jonah posted to the blog:

Fire Pit Fun 🔥

We have been reading a poem Table by Turkish poet Edip Cansever, and the children wrote their own versions. These are great and we posted them to the Biggies blog today:

Poems on the Table

Micro:bit Maths

A surprise highlight today. We were programming our micro:bits to use in maths, showing a dice and as a random number generator. Aaron had his own idea and made a times table tester, that will show a question and then give the answer. This was in addition to rolling a dice on shake and giving a random number on button A! Certainly an independent learner.

Family Learning Challenges

We know how hard it can be when you have more than one child working on different things during the course of the week. To try to address this and to perhaps help ease some of the difficulties, we have developed some family learning challenges.


These challenges reflect the work we have started in school and work that had been planned as part of our pupil committees, assemblies and curricular developments this term.


We will issue these challenges once a week and we would love to encourage you and your child/ren to participate together. This work can be completed in place of a piece of topic work and the class teachers will adjust their weekly planning to reflect this.


As we have a wide range of ages within our school, we will provide a choice of two tasks within the challenge for most weeks. You can, however, choose the task which you feel is most appropriate for you and your family. (Or just the one you like the sound of most!)

Certificates and points to be won for the weekly challenge winners

This week’s challenge follows our Fairtrade theme and will be posted on the school blog shortly.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Fair Trade Family Learning Task

Good afternoon pupils and families.

Please find attached to this post a family learning task in connection with our work on Fair Trade.  It would be great to see the children getting involvled in some of these challenges.

Watch the video on the link below and then choose an activity from one of the grids.


fairtrade family learning challenge 1

1 A Fair Tale Ages P1-3

A Fair Tale Ages P4-7