Primary 3 Tree of Respect

We worked with our partner to create a tree of respect.  We had to think of kind ways to sort problems and we wrote these on the leaves.  We are good at solving problems and making good choices.

During anti-bullying week we also kept a diary, played games that required us to work in teams and  thought about things that can change how we behave which led to us comparing ourselves to icebergs.    One of our favourite activities was playing the good choices game in our class.


P4 Volcanic Eruptions

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Primary 4 have been learning about natural disasters. This week we have been learning about volcanoes and we now know lots of exciting facts and information about volcanoes.

Today we did our own volcano experiment using baking soda, vinegar, water, fairy liquid and red food colouring. We had lots of fun doing this experiment and writing about it.



Halloween Fun


Primary 3 and 4 had lots of fun becoming witches and wizards for the afternoon as we created our own gloopy potion!

We made our own potions in our spooky cauldrons and then reviewed the process to help us to improve our potion making skills for the future.

We had lots of fun taking part in this science experiment!





Homework Talks, Talent Show and Winners!!

Primary four have made fabulous projects on their dangerous and deadly animals.  They showed these to the class and did a super job at presenting and answering questions on their project.

As you know Abronhill had their very own Talent Show.  We had dancers, drummers and Tae-Kwon Do experts from our class showcase their talent.  Our fabulous dancers won 2nd place whilst our drummer got 1rst place.  Well done to everyone who participated and special congratulations to our winners!

Our class are on a winning streak by being awarded the class with the healthiest snack 2 weeks in a row!  We enjoyed fun filled extra plays as a reward.

One of our pupil won 3rd place in an out of school Judo club.  Well Done what an amazing achievement!

Mary’s Meals Non-Uniform Day!

Our class have had fun today raising money for Mary’s Meals by participating in our school non-uniform day.  We designed our favourite school meal to celebrate International School Meals Day 2018.   Some of us enjoyed today’s school dinner, Chicken Tikka Curry or Hotdogs which were the meals voted in by the school for this special day.  We went out for a walk today and managed to walk a full kilometre.

Well Done Primary 4!

Chinese New Year Assembly!

Primary 4 have worked very hard and performed an outstanding assembly this morning. We learned a huge variety about Chinese life from ghosts and demons to elegant dancing and wise dragons. The children have work together as a team and enjoyed all they have learned.

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