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Goldilocks and the three bears


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is another of our favourite stories in nursery that is all about bears.  You might have the book at home but if not here is a wee video to remind you of the story.

This story helps us learn lots of things:

The number 3  (why don’t you make 3 your number for today?)

Can you count to 3?  I’m am sure you can so let’s learn more about the number 3.

Can you find the number 3 in your house (on the clock, on the cooker etc) or when you are on a walk (door numbers, wheelie bin numbers, car registrations)?

Can you write the number 3 (with pens, crayons, paint)?

Can you draw three things (3 flowers, 3 spiders, 3 bears)?

Can you put things into sets of 3 (toys, pegs, pencils, pasta shapes etc)?


In the story there are lots of things that are small, medium and large.

Can you remember what? (the three bears, the bowls of porridge,  the three chairs and the three beds)

Can you find sets of 3 things and put them in size order (toy cars, teddy bears, dolls, books, shoes, socks, spoons)


We could have a shape of the day too.

Why not make it a triangle, it has 3 of everything – 3 corners, 3 sides.

You could go on a shape hunt looking for triangles, it’s a tricky shape to find so you will need to look carefully.

Can you draw triangles (with chalk on the ground, paint, crayons)

If a grown up cuts out lots of triangles from paper or card you could maybe make a sticky picture or pattern with triangles too.

Art and craft ideas

You could draw a picture of 3 things one big, one medium sized and one little (a picture of you, your mummy and your daddy would be a good idea, or 3 flowers or maybe even the 3 bears).

Image result for me mummy and daddy kids drawing

You could make Goldilocks and the 3 bears puppets.  Draw the characters (or maybe a grown up could draw them/print out a picture and you could colour them in) then cut them out and put them on lolly pop sticks.  Puppets are great for retelling the story.

Maybe you could make playdough bears too.

Image result for playdough bears Image result for playdough bears

Maybe you could make some bears using paper plates.

Image result for Preschool Bear Craft   See the source image Image result for Preschool Bear Craft


Teddy Bears Picnic

You could maybe have a teddy bears picnic.  You could invite all your teddy bears or just three like in the story.

You will need to remember to have a blanket or table to host your party.

Remember to give everyone/or bear a cup and a plate.

Maybe you could have teddy bear crisps and teddy bear sweets at your picnic.

You could even read or tell your bears the story of the three bears now that you are an expert.

Story time

Have a look at all your story books, do you have any other books with bears in them?  If you find any you could maybe read them with Mummy and Daddy then tell us all about it when you come back to nursery.


If your Mummy and Daddy want to share anything you have been doing they could put it on twitter for everyone to see or they could email pictures to Miss Copeland on Kcopeland@westfield.n-lanark.sch.uk and she will put it on the blog for you.

We hope you have fun doing some of these activities.

Love and hugs from

Miss Copeland, Mrs Bell, Mrs Kerr, Miss Gough and Mrs Simpson xxx


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