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Monday 21st September 2020

Good Morning!

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well.

Once again, I’d like to thank you for your patience during this time, and like us, I know you will be keeping an eye on current guidance from the Scottish Government. As always, we will be doing our utmost to ensure the children, staff and our families are safe.

I reiterate that we remain open as normal and that all children should be in school. If for any reason you have concerns regarding this please contact me. St Ignatius’ Primary and Nursery staff continue to work extremely hard to keep all our pupils and staff safe. As such, I would remind you once again, that unless your child is showing symptoms or you have been asked to isolate, we would expect to see the children attending school.

Our school day continues to be 8.45am – 2.45pm each day.


23.09.20 – House Day: The children can wear their house colours on this day in order to celebrate House Day. We would ask that the children donate £1 to school funds if they are able.

Home Learning: A reminder that home learning has now been uploaded to your child’s class team. As always, if a paper copy of this is required please do not hesitate to let us know and we will arrange for a copy to be sent home.

School App: We have renewed our subscription for the app which is rather costly. A number of our families have generously contributed to this already, for which we are very grateful. However, we would appreciate any further contributions from our families to help fund the app to support our school communications.

Digital Learning Links: Please take a few minutes to read these useful links regarding Digital Learning from North Lanarkshire Council:

In-Service Day/September Weekend: Thursday 24th September is an in-service day for our staff and as such the children will not be in school. The school will also be closed Friday 25th and Monday 28th September. Have a safe and well-deserved break.


Thank you once again for all your support.

Mr Fionda


Monday 14th September 2020

Good Morning!

I hope that you are all keeping well and finding that our routines in school are becoming more settled and familiar for both our pupils and families. Again, I’d like to thank you for your patience and understanding over the past week or so as the campus dealt with ongoing issues.

I am delighted to say that we remain open as normal and that all children are able to be in school.

St Ignatius’ Primary staff are working extremely hard within the evolving guidance to keep all our pupils and staff safe.

As such, I would remind you once again, that unless your child is showing symptoms or you have been asked to isolate, we would expect to see the children attending school.

23.09.20 – House Day: The children will be able to wear their house colours on this day in order to celebrate House Day. We would ask that the children donate £1 to school funds if they are able. Further activities will be planned for the day by P7 who will be organising the day as part of their ongoing fund raising efforts for the school.

Home Learning: A reminder that home learning has now been uploaded to your child’s class team. As always, if a paper copy of this is required please do not hesitate to let us know and we will arrange for a copy to be sent home.

Interim Report: As you will no doubt be aware, large gatherings such as parent’s evening will most likely not be possible this session. As such we will provide you with an Interim Report in October to ensure you are informed of your child’s progress.

School App: Many of our parents have come to rely on the school app as a great way to keep informed of what is happening in school and also as a way of school providing updates about issues as they arise in school.

We have renewed our subscription for the app which is rather costly. Therefore, if possible, we would appreciate any contributions from our families to help fund the app to support our school communications.

Thank you once again for all your support.

Mr Fionda


day 31st August 2020

 I am delighted to be able to say that our boys and girls are now very much back into their learning and when walking through the school it is brilliant to see them all enjoying being back with their friends and our staff.

Our new routines and the guidance in place have been tricky to get used to in some cases but generally speaking the children and staff have become accustomed to how school is now and we are all doing our best to adapt to new guidance as it appears and also to make the most of the situation we have.

You can be really proud of your boys and girls, who have taken this in their stride and done so with great enthusiasm too, and a well done to you, their families, who have worked really hard to support the children, staff and the wider school campus by adhering to the new rules so well. This has made our job so much easier each day and your patience and understanding has made or job easier. Thank you!

Home Learning

In the course of this week we will have new Teams set up for all our new classes. Look out for suggested home learning tasks in your child’s class Team. Teaching staff are working hard to prepare their new planning for this month and as soon as this is ready further information will be posted. Your child will be informed in class when home learning is available.

Once again can I remind you that home learning tasks are offered as additional activities to support your child and can be accessed as and when you are able to find time. The tasks are not compulsory and should not become an added stress in these tricky times when so many of us are working longer and less flexible hours or are busy.

Your child’s teacher will also send a reminder of Glow usernames and passwords home in order to ensure everyone has access.

Please let us know if you require support with this.

Twitter and School App

Please continue to make use of our Twitter feed and the School App for updates in school and for posts showing our children enjoying school and working hard each day. Staff are trying to keep our Twitter feed full of photos and short videos of the learning taking place in school.

If you have any issues accessing the App please contact the school.

Car Park

I am really pleased to say that this week our parents and families have made a real effort not to use the staff parking area behind the school. This has made a huge difference to the traffic both in the morning and after school. Your support in this is very much appreciated.

However, this week we very lucky not to have sadder news about the car park after two children were almost knocked down crossing the road at the entrance to the car park. Our staff are very vigilant but after two near misses, I would urge you to remind the boys and girls about how busy and unsafe this road can be. We will also remind the children in school.

Certificates and Pupil Assemblies

 We are currently experimenting with ways to allow our children to celebrate their successes in school on Fridays as we have always done. Last week we were able to give our pupil and worker of the week certificates out to our hard workers and this week we will attempt to have our P7 children present their pupil assemblies to each class using Microsoft Teams to video conference across the school. We are excited to try this and we know this will be great fun for all the children.

Contacting Teaching Staff

As you will be aware, during lockdown, it became necessary to ask teachers to allow their email addresses to be made available to our families. This helped us to make sure any issues with online learning were resolved quickly.

However, now that we are back in school, staff will not be able to keep on top of the number of emails they have recently been receiving. Teaching staff will no longer respond directly to emails as before and will pass any correspondence onto our management team.

As such, I would ask that from now on for any concerns or questions about your child’s learning or any other issue, you make contact with myself using the email address or contact the school by phone.

Unfortunately at this time it is very difficult to meet in person but we will attempt to use other means to ensure your concerns or questions are dealt with quickly.

Thank you once again for all your support and positive feedback since our return to school. Again, if there are any updates regarding new national or local guidance we will promptly advise the school community and work together to make changes for our children as stress free as possible.

Finally, I have obviously been in regular contact with Mrs Pearson this week. She is in great spirits but very much missing the school and all the children too. She has even said that being at home is a bit boring without all the boys and girls to talk to.

Thank you


A number of children have already be sent home because they are displaying signs of a high temperature, guidance from NL states that staff in school cannot take children’ s temperature. We have to send the children home as a precaution.

School Bags

During last night’s staff meeting it was discussed whether children can bring school bags or not. The problem we have is that the bays are quite small and we have to keep furniture to a minimum for cleaning purposes so there is no room to store bags. Staff agree that the children do need a bag and we should be able  to accommodate the bags in the cloakroom. So from Monday your child will be able to bring a bag to school however as the children will be hanging the bags on pegs can you please try to ensure the bag is not too big if possible.


Can  I remind you that children cannot bring nuts to school, this includes chocolate spread and bars. This is very important as we have a few children with nut allergies.

Water Bottles

Please only put water in your child’s water bottle.  A number of children are coming to school with juice in their bottles,  other children see this and think they can do the same, this then becomes a problem if the water bottle is spilled on the desk, which happens quite frequently.


Please be mindful of the number of snacks you are giving your child. I know there is a temptation to ensure your child does not go hungry but they are taking too long to finish all their snacks at playtime.


Can I take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the last few weeks as we safely open the school to our children. I realise that there is a lot of information and this is currently changing. Please keep a check on the website as this will regularly updated. Emails and app messages will also be sent regularly. The children have been a credit to the school and their parents. It has been a joy having them back in school.

Firstly a big thank  you to all our pupils, parents and staff for making our first week back to school so successful. Hopefully you found the new times and procedures easy to follow and certainly the children settled very well in their new routine. Of course there will still be changes over the next few weeks as we adapt to the new ‘normal’ of school life’.

It was lovely to see all the children back to school so smart in their school uniforms, again thank you for your effort with this. As yet no school bags are allowed, only a small packed lunch box and water bottle. Can I remind you that only water should be in the children’s water bottles and as a health promoting school, no fizzy drinks are allowed for packed lunches.

One small change to the times for next week – Primary 1 pupils will dismissed from the silver gate at 2.40pm in order to avoid large number of parents gathering at the school gate. If possible please encourage your child/children to walk home if possible, if not, arrange to meet them a little further out from the school gates. It is a very small area for such a large number of pupils to leave the school from and we have to mindful that social distancing is still required.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club will begin again from Monday 17th August from 8.15am. Children will need to enter the school through the school gates and walk round to the dining hall in order to gain access to the club. Any parents wishing their Primary 1 child to attend this club please get in touch with the school and arrangements will be made  for a staff member to collect your child at the gate.


Father Stephen met with myself and Mr Fionda this week and I am delighted to inform you that the Sacraments that were postponed earlier in the year can now go ahead in November. A letter will be sent out this week with dates and information regarding this.  Father Stephen also took the time to visit our new Primary 1 children last week and we look forward to welcoming back into the school in the near future to visit the other classes.

Parents Portal

Most of our parents are now logged on to the Parents’ Portal, details of this will be sent home this week and I would encourage you take the time to log on. There is a helpful video explaining how this works. The portal will allow you to make online payments to the school, the most important being the cashless lunch system and to enter contact details.

Home Learning

During the lock-down Home Learning proved to be very successful and this was due, in some part, to the use of Microsoft Teams, therefore all home learning will now be delivered in this way. New teams for each class will be set over the next few weeks where all Home Learning will then be posted. Teachers can also communicate directly with parents in this way however I would ask if you have any queries or concerns please contact the school in the usual way rather than directly with the teacher.

Finally I would like to inform you that as from Monday 24th August Mr Fionda will take over HT duties as I will be absent for a few weeks to have surgery on my back. I have every confidence that Mr Fionda and all our staff will ensure your child/ren continue to  receive the highest standard of education and care that you have come to expect. Please keep me in your prayers, all being well I hope to be back in school after the October break.























































Tuesday 16th June

Apologies for not getting this out to you yesterday but it has been rather busy in the school as I am sure you can imagine.

House Week – It has been lovely to see so many photos of the children enjoying the House activities that have been

planned for this week. We thought this would be a nice way of bringing the children virtually together for the last full week of this session whilst also supporting our linked charity – St Andrew’s Hospice. Please support this charity if you can. It is really easy to  donate:
Text 70085 with the following message
SAH3 for £3  SAH5 for £5 etc.

P1 Transitions – It has been lovely to welcome our new Primary 1 children into the school this week. This looks very different from our usual transition programme but we are delighted that the children have had the opportunity to visit their class and meet their teacher in very small groups of two for a short time. As I am sure you are aware everything we do just now has to be very carefully thought out and risked assessed to ensure everyone’s safety.

P7 Graduations – As a staff we have had a lot of discussion about this and feel it would not be appropriate to have a graduation where awards are given out virtually.
Our hope is that sometime in the next session, when things, hopefully return to normal, we will  invite our present Primary 7 back for a proper celebration of their time at primary school. The Primary 7 teachers have been working hard over the last few weeks to put together a presentation of the children’s time at primary and this will posted on Teams next week.
The hoodies have still not arrived, we are hoping we receive them before next week so that we can get them to the children, we know how eager they are to receive them. We have few other lovely mementos for the children that they will also receive as a reminder of their time with us. We will get the school ties delivered to each child once they arrive in July.

Uniform – You will receive information regarding this along with your child’s report card next week. Uniform is still expected to be worn at school, however we have decided to make things easier for our P1 – P3 children and ask that they wear a white polo shirt either with or without the school badge. (Primary 1 children can wear shirt and tie on their first day at school for the purpose of photographs)  Black trousers, skirts, pinafores, jumpers and cardigans should continue to be worn by all the children.  Primary 4  to Primary 7 children should continue to wear white shirt with school tie.

August 2020 – At this moment in time information regarding how the children come back to school in August is being finalised by the Local Authority. Hopefully by next week this information will be made availabe to you by letter and through our usual forms of social media.

Best wishes and stay safe

Monday 8th June

Good Morning, hope everyone is well and enjoyed the weekend.

As from today staff will now been in school for some of the week organising the classes for the return of the children in August. We will work hard to ensure a smooth and safe return for our children.

Next week we look forward to meeting our new Primary 1 pupils and their parents into the school for a very short visit in small groups. It is a shame we can’t provide the normal transition programme but at least the children are getting the opportunity to visit the school and meet their teacher.

We are still waiting the delivery of the hoodies for the P7 children. As soon as they arrive will be in touch so that the children can collect them along with their High School ties.

Before the end of the term you will receive, in the post, your child’s report card along with information regarding the arrangements for coming back to school and the name of your child’s class teacher for next session and which class he/she will be in. I know the children are always anxious to find this out!!

From next Monday we are planning on having a House week,  the teachers will upload on teams a list of fun activities your child/ren can take part in. We are also hoping to have virtual Sport’s Day that week.

It has been great to see so many photos of the children enjoying activities from ‘Our Natural World’ topic. Please keep sending these to us.

As always please keep in touch and do not hesitate to contact me by email:

Monday 1st June

Good Morning to all our children and families. It was lovely to have another sunny weekend and hopefully many  families managed to meet up together safely outside. As from today the Senior Management Team will be in school beginning preparations for the children to return to school in August, with teaching staff  returning next Monday to continue with these preparations.

School will be quite different from when the children left in March but we will try to make this transition into a blended form of education as smooth as we can. Before the end of June you will receive more information regarding the arrangements for returning to school in August.

The good news is that we will be able to offer a short visit for our new Primary 1 children, giving them a chance to visit the school and meet their teacher.

We are still waiting on the Primary 7 children’s hoodies arriving, as soon as they are here we will be in touch with arrangements on how they can be collected from the school.

‘Our Natural World’ planners have proved to be very successful, we were delighted to see so many families working together on the activities. Please continue to send in your photographs.


Wednesday 27th May

Hope everyone is well and had a lovely holiday weekend, unfortunately the weather wasn’t as good as we had hoped but nice to see the sunshine out again this week.

You will probably already have heard through the media and press that teachers will be returning to school in June in order to prepare for pupils returning in August. I will keep you updated regarding this over the next few weeks.  As I am sure you are aware that this will take some organisation and planning on behalf of all staff members but it is good to see things moving forward as we come out of this pandemic.

If you have not already done so can I urge you to make sure your child is accessing Teams. This form of Home Learning will continue for the foreseeable future and is a great way to keep in touch with the school and your child’s teacher.

Report Cards – Teachers are currently completing report cards, these will be posted to you some time in June.

Whole School  Topic Planners – Each class now has a topic planner – Our Natural World. We thought it would be a good idea for the month of June if we could do a whole school topic. This will hopefully make it easier for some home learning sessions, if you have more than one child in the school! Please share photos or any work completed with regard to this with us. We are always delighted to see and hear from the children.

Transitions – There is now a transition team available for St Aidan’s HS & Our Lady’s HS. You should have received the access code to this. If not please get in touch with the school and I will get this sent on to you. Again I would highly recommend that your child accesses this as the high schools have worked hard to provide your child with  transition materials that will hopefully familiarise your child with the school.

Hoodies – These have very kindly been ordered and purchased by the PTFA. We are planning on organising a day when the Primary 7 children can come to the school in small groups, social distanced of course, to collect them. More information regarding this will sent out as soon as the hoodies arrive!

Clyde Valley Hub – Can I remind key worker parents that the hub is available for you to use if required. Also if you feel your child would benefit from attending the hub due to family circumstance please get in touch with me as I can now make referrals to the Hub for these children.

Please contact me if you have any queries or concerns by email:

Monday 18th May

Good Morning to all our families and children. Hope you are all well.

I hope that the Primary 4 children and their families managed to join the mass, that Father Stephen very kindly offered up for First Communicants,  on Saturday morning. It was  lovely mass  to remember our children on what should have been a very memorable day for them.  When this day does come along it will be day of great celebration I am sure, for the children, staff and families.

This Thursday is Ascension Thursday, a Holy day of obligation. Normally the whole school would attend mass on this day, so we would ask if you could join us at 10.00am on St Ignatius Parish Church Facebook page, where Father Stephen is streaming the mass live.

We hoped you enjoyed the Guess the Staff First Communion photo, I know the staff had great fun doing this and were not very good at guessing who was who!!!

A number of children have been adding decorated hearts to the fence on the Chapel house, this is lovely to see and a great way of maintaining the links with our parish, home and school.  A number of families have also sent in photos of their May altars at home. Each class would have had a special altar to Our Lady during the month of May so we appreciate that you are trying to keep this lovely tradition at home. We are also posting a daily Angelus challenge on twitter which you may wish to take part in.

We were delighted by the effort you made for Uniform Day, it really was lovely to see the children in their uniforms, they have all grown so much since we last saw them but it was great to see them looking so happy and healthy.

As I am sure you are aware this week is Mental Health Awareness Week, the teachers will be posting a number of activities related to this on Teams. Twitter will also be updated throughout the week with information and resources that you may find useful.

From next week we have decided to do a whole school topic ‘Our Natural World’. Teachers will provide activities and learning linked to this topic which you can do as a whole family. Please continue to send in photos and upload any work the children have been doing at home. We love to see what the children have been doing.

Primary 1 transitions – there is a new section on the website about Primary 1 transitions. Please share this information with any friends or neighbours who have children coming to the school in August.

Please note that if you receive a  blocked call it may be from your child’s teacher so please answer.

A number of the teachers are volunteers for the Hub and therefore  will not be available on Teams the days they are in the Hub.

Holiday – Friday 22nd May and Monday 25th May. Please note the school will be ‘closed’ on these days.

We hope you and your family manage to relax and enjoy the long weekend. School will  ‘reopen’ on Tuesday 26th May.


Monday 11th May

I hope everyone is well and enjoyed the long, sunny weekend. Today is an in-service day for staff and we have a planned a virtual staff meeting this afternoon on Teams.

Using Teams has offered not only a platform for providing Home Learning for our pupils but a great way of letting you keep in touch with your child’s teacher. Please use this if you have any comments or queries about the home learning provided. You should now also have your child’s teacher’s glow email address, where you can contact staff directly.

Again please do not hesitate to contact myself on:

Contacting Parents

Mr Fionda and I are still in the process of contacting parents. As I am sure you will be aware this is taking time but we are trying to speak to every parent/carer in the limited time we have access to the school. We will be in school tomorrow to continue with this so hopefully if we have not been in touch so far, we will be tomorrow.


A number of parents have been understandably enquiring about transitions, both for our children coming into Primary 1 and the P7 children moving on to High school. At present there is no advice to state when the schools will reopening and indeed how this will look when they do. As soon as this information and guidance are available, plans will be put in place for these important events and the information passed on to you as quickly as possible.

Uniform Day – Friday 15th May

This Friday our Cluster schools along with many other schools in Scotland are having a uniform today. This is to promote a sense of community and a reminder to our pupils that they are ‘still at school’. Could you please upload any photos onto Teams so we can post onto twitter. We would love to see as many children as possible in their school uniforms.

First Communion – Saturday 16th May

Please keep the children in Primary 4 in your prayers this week as they should have been receiving the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist on Saturday of this week. Father Stephen has very kindly made a video speaking to the children from the Churh, which will be uploaded onto Teams this week. He will be saying a mass on Saturday for the children and there will be live link to this.  We will send out the details for this as soon as hear from Father Stephen. Also there will be a fun First Communion activity posted on Teams and twitter for families to complete. We hope you enjoy!!!!


Just a reminder there are jotters and resources in Morrison’s and the U Save shop in the Bield that you can collect for your child. I know that lots of children enjoyed receiving these, a little reminder of school.

Home Learning

Please remember that we appreciate all you are doing at home to support your child’s learning but understand that each and everyone one of us has issues at home that we have to deal with. The words below, which are taken from an article on-line at the six week  point of lock down, and shared by many schools, perfectly sums up the present situation:

Dear Parents in the UK,

Today marks six full weeks since our country went into lockdown.

You have had your children home for the same time now that you would if they were on summer holidays. People will say ‘but they are your responsibility’ and whilst that is true, no-one could have imagined this period of time.

You have protected, nourished, educated, supported and entertained your children during a period of national and international uncertainty and fear. You have experienced emotions for yourself and your family that you never knew existed, never mind experienced before.

Six weeks is a long time.

Think about how you feel at the end of the summer holidays, how ready you are for routine, how badly your house needs cleaned from children home, how much work you are ready to catch up on. Remember that exhausting feeling of having little sleep, much less money and hearing ‘mummy/daddy’ every time you happen to sit down.

And you wonder why you are exhausted after six weeks of lockdown?

You are amazing! You have achieved something no other parent ever has during out time. You have faced six weeks unable to take your child or children anywhere, six weeks of no parks, holidays to break up the boredom, no day trips, no family to help. On top of that you have juggled work demands, loneliness on a level never experienced before, information overload from the internet and emotional turmoil of not being able to see people you hold dear. Even getting food to eat has been a major drama!

So it’s ok to feel drained. It’s ok to feel like you would sell your soul right now for five minutes alone. It’s ok to feel uninspired about another day of home schooling, another day of never ending laundry and cooking.

It’s ok to be so very tired.

Six weeks is a long time.

But you have made it.

Be proud of yourself. Stand tall.

History will show you for your courage, your children will remember this period as a time knowing they were safe and loved and teachers everywhere are deeply grateful that you are there for your children when they should be but can’t be.

In short: you are awesome!

And so are your children.

Credit: Faith Mummy


As always take care and stay safe.






4th May


If we haven’t already been in touch, we are hoping to do so tomorrow when Mr Fionda and I are in school. It has been lovely to reconnect with some of our families and it is reassuring to know that everyone seems to be doing well.

Please continue to stay in touch by emailing

I will be sending out the teachers’ glow email accounts so that you can directly get in touch with your child’s teacher. I will send these email addresses out by app and email directly.


Please feel free to drop in and pick up school jotters and resources from either Morrisons or the U Save shop in the The Bield. We are delighted by the response to this and will be restocking tomorrow:)


As Parents’ Evening was cancelled just before the school was closed, the staff all agree that  you would appreciate information regarding your child/ren’s progress for the 2019/20 session. Currently the teaching staff are writing reports and these will be sent by either post or email to you sometime in June.

First Communion

A number of parents have been asking about this and if there is a new date. Unfortunately we can’t reschedule a date for this or First Reconciliation until we receive confirmation from the Bishop.  In the meantime please keep the children who would have been making their First Communion on Saturday 16th May in your prayers.

Friday 15th May – School Uniform Day

For a little bit of fun can we ask that your child could wear  his/her school uniform on this day and upload  a photo onto Teams or email to school. We will then post them on the school twitter.  A number of schools will be taking part in this across Scotland.

29th April

Yesterday Mr Fionda, Mrs McIntyre, Mrs Ferguson and myself started to contact as many parents as possible on the phone. It was lovely to speak to some of our families, especially the children. We are hoping to get in touch with everyone before the end of next week.

All teachers are regularly updating  Teams. We have a large number of children now accessing Teams however from speaking to parents yesterday, it is clear that there are still some issues accessing  this.

Microsoft Teams needs to be downloaded onto the device your child is using and can be accessed using their glow username and password.

There is a chat section in Teams where teachers and pupils can communicate with one another. It is a great way for your child to keep in touch with his/her friends and teacher however this should not be used by children as a social media chat room. This chat area is closely monitored by the class teacher and the Senior Management Team and we are seeing some children using this late at night. I would appreciate your support by monitoring how your child is using this section too.

Please keep in touch with us either through twitter or email and continue to send your photos and videos. t is always lovely to see the children.

All contact details can be found on the school website.

Best Wishes from us all here at St Ignatius Primary School & Nursery Class

20th April 2020

A warm welcome back to our St Ignatius Virtual School from all the staff. All the staff managed to have a lovely Easter break and we hope you and your family did too.

Home learning has resumed on Teams, with all the teachers uploading new learning today. Please allow your child to use teams to communicate with his/her teacher, regarding any problems or issues they may be having or indeed to share any good news. A number of children have already uploaded some home learning to share with their teacher. This is easy to do and a great way of keeping in touch.

Again if you have any issues with teams or glow please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing – You can also communicate directly with your child’s teacher through teams.

Please also check the useful websites section on the school website for online resources that will support you with home learning. If you have still not accessed teams there are videos in this section explaining how to do this.

Try, if you can, to do some home learning daily with your child at a time that suits you and your family. We understand that things are difficult and that every family has a variety of issues that they are having to deal with just now. Home Learning should not be stressful but a time that should be enjoyable for you and your child/ren. Your job is to make sure they are happy and safe, we will get them back on track with their learning when they return to school.

Mr Fionda and I intend to phone every family over the next few weeks for a catch up. We have limited access to the school so we will try our best over the next few weeks to get in touch with everyone.  It will be lovely to hear how our children are getting on – we do genuinely miss and care for them.

As always stay safe and be assured that we will continue to keep all our St Ignatius children and their families in our prayers.


Best Wishes

Mrs Pearson and all the staff from St Ignatius Primary School & Nursery Class


Spring Break – 6th April – 17th April

Happy Friday everyone:)

Today will be the last day of Home Learning for all our children and families.  Take a well-deserved break and enjoy spending time with your family over the next two weeks. Don’t worry we will resume our online learning though Glow and Teams on Monday 20th April. Hopefully most of the problems accessing this have been resolved however please get in touch using the email address:

if you are still having any problems.

Please do not contact teachers through their glow email accounts as this will not normally be picked up by them. If you could make initial contact with myself using above email address, I will ensure this gets passed on to your child’s teacher as quickly as possible.

I would appreciate your co-operation with this.

Hub – This will remain open during the holidays for children of key workers.

Finally can I just say a big thank you for your co-operation, support and patience during this difficult time.  On behalf of all the staff at St Ignatius Primary School and Nursery Class we wish you a restful, enjoyable and holy Easter break. #staysafestayhome


Wednesday 1st April

Just a few updates today!

Teams – Teachers have now added a pupil folder onto teams, this will allow you to upload any photos or videos of your child’s home learning. I am told it is easy to do! This is a great way of keeping in touch and I know the teachers are really appreciating any feedback or communication from their pupils.

The useful website section has been updated with more useful websites and some literacy and number activities for you to try at home. Motherwell Diocese  have also provided some useful resources to support with praying at home.  Remember the children prayed at least four times a day at school and was a very important part of their school day. Praying daily as a family is great way to support your child emotionally and spiritually through this difficult time.

Espresso – This  is an excellent on line resource and covers many curricular areas. The school has paid for this and was often used by the teachers to support learning in class.  All you need to do is google Espresso login- username: student17518  password: primary

Sumdog– All children have a login for Sumdog. This is an excellent way of developing and challenging  your child’s maths skills. Most children are confident using this as they used it regularly in school.  Please let me know through email if you need your child’s login for this.

Currently there is a Sumdog competition running in the school until Friday. We can track who is using this and how often so we will check on Friday and announce the winner.

Photos – Keep sending us your photos – we really do appreciate seeing the children.

Twitter – Please also keep a check on twitter. We are daily tweeting great ideas for you to try at home.

If you have any worries or concerns please get in touch:


School APP – please email for login details

Best wishes from all of us at St Ignatius Primary School


Monday 30th April 

Hope this finds you all well and that you all had a lovely weekend in the sunshine.

As always can I ask that you keep a check on the school twitter account and website. The website has new section with a link to Dr Jenny Nock’s website. She is providing daily updates that you may find useful to support you and your family.

The teachers are working hard to keep the children’s home learning up to date on teams. Primary 7 children have been communicating through teams to each other daily for 30 minutes to allow them to keep in touch. This has been working well and we hope to enable this service for the Primary 6 children this week.  If you are having any problems accessing teams please get in touch by email (

Please also use the school website as we will regularly update the useful website section. 

It has been lovely receiving photographs of the children and the staff really appreciate seeing them. We are missing our children and thinking of you all. If you have a twitter account and are posting photos of your children working at home please tag the school @HtIgnatius #stayhomestaysafe

As always keep safe and keep in touch:)

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