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Funday Friday!

Good morning it’s funday Friday 😃after talking about our bodies, exercising is a good way to keep our bodies healthy too. Today’s challenge is to get yourself up and moving and get your heart beat pumping!❤️Put your hand on your heart can you feel it pumping, check your head how does it feel?

Click here  to join in some exercising with the robotots

Click here to join in with some kids bop dancing!

The ladies are all so excited as this is the last day we will be doing our online learning. We’ve all missed you so much and can’t wait to get to see all your lovely little faces next😊


Good morning, after talking about what makes our bodies healthy yesterday, I wonder who can draw around their body, how many  body parts can you name, How tall is your body? Can you add detail to your drawing like your eyes, fingers or maybe your hair?🧍🏽🧍🏼‍♀️🧍🏾‍♂️

Click here to join in with an all time nursery favourite song about our bodies
Click here  for another body parts song to join in with


Good morning, today is well being Wednesday ❤️ today’s challenge is to look at how we can help keep our bodies healthy, what kind of healthy foods do you like to eat? I wonder why we need to eat healthy food? Who can have a look in your fridge and cupboards and find some healthy foods you like make a design with them like the pictures below?🥕🥒🍞🍅🥬

Click here  to join in and find out more about health foods!

Click here maybe you can help Mr tumble with his healthy food

Remember share your photos on Twitter with us, we would love to see what healthy food you have chosen 😃


Pancake Tuesday

Good morning, today is Pancake Tuesday🥞 below is a recipe for you to follow can you help measure out the ingredients you need?
What toppings will you add maybe you can make a nice pattern out of your toppings? 🍌🍓🍌🍓
Here is a little song to sing along with it goes in the tune of 5 currant buns rhyme
    Five crispy pancakes song
Five crispy pancakes frying and a pan
Flip them and toss them catch them if you can
Along came… for a pancake one day
Sprinkled it with sugar and took it right away
Continue with 4,3,2,1
Please share your picture with us on Twitter, we would love to see what kind of pancakes you have made😃

Story Time

Good morning everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, today’s story is ‘Monkey Puzzle’ by Julia Donaldson Click here

after listening to the story can you answer the questions below

Challenge Questions

  1. Can you name all the animals that were in the story?
  2. How many animals did little money see? Can you count them?
  3. who helps little monkey to find his mummy?
  4. Can you draw a picture of you with your mum/dad?

Maybe you can try some role play and retell the story of the monkey puzzle? Click here and you can find a free printable to make masks for the animals in the story.

Here’s a favourite song of ours about 5 little monkeys can you join in too  


Chinese New Year

Good morning everyone, today is Chinese New Year, this year is the year of the Ox I wonder if you can have a look at this chart and see what animal it was the year you were born 🐂

Here is a story about how some animals competed in a race see who would win and get to be the animal for that year 🐀🐖🐅

Maybe you can try out this chow mein recipe which is a popular dish in China, what vegetables are your favourite you can add them too?

In China on New Years they have big street parties and parades with lots of instruments, maybe you can you try make your own musical shaker!

Here’s some traditional Chinese dancing, grab some paper and fold it into a fan and you can join in

Here is another video on how people prepare for Chinese news year! How do you prepare for our new year?

Please remember to share your photos on Twitter with us!

Snowy days

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a lovely break off. We’ve had lots of snow the past couple of days and I’m sure you’ve been out building lots of snowmen and having fun. Here are some ideas for some snow fun today.

Maybe you can have a go and make some snow paints. You could even use some plastic bottles lying around the house. I wonder what you can paint in the snow?

remember to share your photos on Twitter with us, we’re all missing you’re wee faces🙂

Home Learning Week Beginning 1st February 2021

Let’s start the week off by listening to a story written by one of our favourite authors, Jack and the FlumFlum Tree, written by Julia Donaldson, click here to listen.

If you click here, you’ll hear Julia Donaldson singing a version of the story.

Here are some ideas of how you can bring the story to life throughout the week.

Monday – Literacy

After listening to the story, I wonder what you would pack if you were going of on an adventure?  Can you find a bag or a pillowcase and fill it with everything you think you might possibly need, once you’ve gathered everything and explained what you think you might use it for why not play a memory game with all your items.

Lay them all out so you can see everything, then close your eyes whilst someone removes one item, open your eyes – can you work out what’s missing??

Tuesday – Numeracy

In the story Jack has a pair of wooden spoons, how many pairs can you find in your house? Can you help your grown up to match all the washed socks into pairs?


I wonder if you can build a boat like Jack did? Maybe you could use some things from your recycle bin, or a paper boat – anything really.  When you’re finished do you think it would float in the bath or sink?

Here are some ideas for inspiration….

Wellbeing Wednesday

The problem in the story is Jack’s Granny isn’t well and he has to make her feel better.  Do you know anyone that might need cheering up? I wonder if there is anyone you could post a wee letter or picture to?

The fruit of the Flum Flum tree makes Granny feel better, I wonder what it tasted like.  Maybe you could experiment with your sense of taste and have a blindfold snack.  Ask someone to help you prepare bite sized pieces of food and then feed them to you one by one whilst you are blindfolded – can you guess the flavours?

Thursday – Science

When Jack’s boat gets a leak he knows just what to do.  I wonder if you could do your very own experiment – can you find things around your house that you think might float and others that may sink.  You could even keep track of your findings on a chart if you wanted to!

Friday Challenge

The Isle of Blowyernose is far away – let’s think about distance.  How far do you think you can walk, cycle or scoot? Maybe you could ask your grown up to use their phone to keep track of how far you travel or how many steps you’ve taken.

Please let us see all your achievements by either messaging your pictures to us on Twitter or simply tagging us in a tweet, we really are missing seeing all the learning that’s going on at home!

Funday Friday

Let’s get up and moving the weekend is here! Why not try this activity of doing some exercises with the letters of your name? I wonder if you can do your first name and second name too?

Just dance!! Maybe you can use these dances to help loosen your body first can join in with these moves?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!remember share your pictures on Twitter with us!




Busy kitchen

Good morning, today’s challenge is can you make some fruit jewellery? Which fruit will you pick? What’s your favourite? I wonder if you can make yours in a pattern? Are you making a necklace or bracelet?.

Maybe you can give these apple donuts a go? You could maybe add some other fruits as your topping!

Remember we would love to see your photos on Twitter!



It’s well-being Wednesday today! How are you all feeling today?❤️

Why not put on some calming music and trying some of these yoga poses?

Or Maybe you can join in with this fun dance to get you up and moving!

This is a lovely little song about how our bodies are all unique! Everyone is different and you’ll never find two the same, what do you love about your body?







Good morning, today’s challenge is to see if you can count and match the number to the dots? I wonder what number you can count up to!

Maybe you can try this space counting? What did you see along the way?

Peter Rabbit needs some help to count the food from Mr McGregors garden can you help him?

Can you count from 1-20 with this number song? I wonder if anyone can count back from 20?



Good morning everyone hope you all had a lovely weekend! Today is Robert Burns he is a very famous Poet from Scotland. Here are some Scottish experiences to help you celebrate🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Today’s story is Hungry Hettie can you answer the questions below

Challenge questions

  1. What was the name of the children that gave Hettie sweets
  2. what food did they give Hettie to eat? Can you remember the food in order with the days?
  3. why do you think Hettie felt sick?
  4. Can you think of any Scottish foods you like?
  5. Can you retell the story in your own way e.g puppets/drawing

Here is a recipe for some traditional Scottish shortbread

Can you find these ingredients in the house and give this a go? Maybe write a shopping list if you don’t and pop up to the shops see if you can get them?

Maybe you can try this weaving activity using our Scottish flag colours

Can you join in with these Scottish songs? Maybe you can do some Scottish highland fling too?

maybe you have some things already planned for your burns day and we would also love to see this! please remember and share your pictures on Twitter😁




It’s Fun Friday every

Can you all move it, move it?


Who can be busy in the kitchen today?

Today why don’t you encourage your child to be independent in preparing their meals?

This provides lots of opportunities for discussion about how to prepare food and where it comes from.  As well as how to stay safe and manage risks around utensils and cooking equipment.

Here are a few ideas to get you started…


It’s Wellbeing Wednesday!!

Lockdown exercise


I spy with my little eye… colours! What colours can you spy around the house? Can you collect the items and sort them into coloured piles? I wonder how many colours you’ll find around your house!

Here are some colour songs can you join in?

Here is a story about colour! Which colour is your favourite?

remember to share your pictures on Twitter!

Monday is story day

Good morning everyone, hope you had a lovely weekend!

The story we  have chosen this week is a favourite in the nursery and it’s is The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

Why not watch it? Can you answer the questions and then draw a picture of your favourite part of the story?

The Tiger Who Came to Tea


  • What is the little girls name in the story?
  • Who was your favourite character in the story and why?
  • Can you draw or make a picture/model of the tiger?
  • Can you remember where Sophie her mum and dad went for tea?
  • Can you find some things in your house to have a tea party?

Funday Friday

Today is Funday Friday! Can you copy what Simon  says? I wonder if you can jump up and down or do a cartwheel? Maybe you can try moving like the animals? Which one was your favourite?

Here are some Zumba videos to help get you moving

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Remember to share your pictures on Twitter

Snowy days


The weather outside today is very cold and snowy! Can you make some snow dough indoors? What does the dough feel like or smell like? Do you know what animals like to live in the snow?

can you make some ice paints to paint a picture? How does the ice feel? What colours of ice paints can you make?

Here are some facts about animals that live in the snow!

Here is a little story about some bears in the snow

Little jacky Jack Frost is a nursery favourite maybe you can teach your family how to sign it!

Little jacky Jack Frost

Little jacky Jack Frost bites my nose

little jacky Jack Frost nips my toes

little jacky Jack Frost climbs the trees

little jacky Jack Frost paints the leaves

little jacky Jack Frost thinks it’s fun

knocking all the leaves down one by one

when the winter wind begins to blow

little jacky Jack Frost laughs hoho!

If you have any pictures please share with us on Twitter!





Today is Well being Wednesday! Can you get dressed on your on your own today and go outside to find a big puddle? Maybe you can make a moving dice with movements like star jumps, skipping, hopping and see how many you can do?

Can you join in with Cosmickids yoga?

Remember and share your pictures with us on Twitter!



Todays math challenge is to see if you can find any of theses shapes around your house? Can you use some loose parts to make a shape? Can you draw a picture of a shape?

Here are some shape songs you can join in with

Can you help Tinpo sort his shapes?


Good afternoon to all our families and children. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that you are all well and safe.

The nursery ladies are missing you and hope to see you all really soon. To keep our children busy, we will be posting on Glow ideas and experiences, that will be good fun and challenging for our children.

Keep safe and hope to see you all soon

From The Nursery Team x


We hope all of our children and their families are safe and well at home.

Please click the link below to find a list of apps that would be suitable for your children to use at home while the nursery is closed.

List of apps for early years parents

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