Please record in here what your targets will be this school year. Reply to this post and do not start a new post. You could lay it out as below and sign your name below.

Literacy – I will read back my work to see if it makes sense and aim to improve my spelling.

Numeracy – I will learn all my tables including my 12 times table.

H&WB – I will try to be a good role model for the other pupils and will take on roles of responsibility when I have a chance.

Mr Finnon.


14 thoughts on “P.7 TARGETS”

  1. I will read back my words to see if I am right

    I will try to learn my times tables to make my maths easier

    I will try to always finish my work and have a better pace

    Oliwia Kuczynska

  2. I will finish my work at a better pace
    Read back sentences to see if the make sence
    Improve my maths
    Use more VCOP
    In maths i would like to improve partitioning .

    Erynn Kirk

  3. Literacy – i will try to work at a quicker pace and write neater

    Maths – in maths i will try and get better at my 7 ,8 , and 12 times table

    H&WB – i will check if all of my writing is correct and that the spelling is right

    Katie Slevin

  4. This year in Literacy I will always look back on my work and try use better openers .

    This year in Numeracy i will try use different strategies to help me and i will learn my 12 times table .

    This year in H&WB I will check back on all my work to make sure I have not made any mistakes .

  5. literacy i will try to use better openers and write neater

    maths i will practice my 12 times table

    h&wb i will do my daily mile faster

    Ruairi Higgins

  6. P.7 targets

    Literacy-I will try to include more punctuation in my big writing.

    Maths-I will revise my times tables and look over my work to see if I got them correct .

    H&WB-I will try to maintain a healthy diet :
    my five a day of fruit and vegetables and keeping active with lots of exercise.

    Kayla Jardine

  7. literacy – I will try to be quicker at finishing my work.
    Maths – I will try to get faster at my eight and nine times table and I will try to learn my twelfth times table .
    Kaitlin McInutly

  8. My targets are to be quicker and better handwriting at my literacy and learn my 12 times table for my maths

  9. Literacy – I am going to try to pick up my paste.

    Maths – in math I am going to try learn all my tables forwards and backwards.

    H&WB – i am going to make sure my spelling is correct.

    Amiee yardley

  10. Language – I will try to pick up the pace on my work and improve my hand writing.

    Maths – I will try to pick up the pace and stop talking to get my work done faster.

    Health and well-being – I will aim to get my daily mile faster each day.

  11. My targets for primary 7 are:

    when writing stories use vcop more often, speeding up at my tables again, listen more carefully, putting more care into my work / handwriting.

  12. My targets this term are use more V.C.O.P in my story writing and use more connectives.

    . .

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