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We are learining about Equivalent fractions but this week we were talking about finding a Qty of a fraction. I like doing this because I find it easy but sometimes challenging! I like learning new things especially in maths so this is really good fun for me. Mr Finnon please teach us more about fraction because I really really enjoy it! 😀


Week 1:

In the first week of Solihull we had to talk about all our feelings , we also had to think of a nice smell that made you think of a memory that has happened in your life .

Week 2:

In the second week of Solihull we were learning about the baby’s brain and how it sees when its first born , we also learned that the baby’s brain is all smooth but it wrinkles up when you start to learn . Your brain becomes full before the age of one . I found learning about the baby’s brain very interesting .


                                                  Day’s                                                  Month’s

                                       Monday – Lundi                                      January – Janvier

                                      Tuesday – Mardi                                     February – Fevrier

                                      Wednesday – Mercredi                     March – Mars

                                      Thursday – Jeudi                                   April – Avril

                                       Friday – Vendredi                                May – Mai

                                      Saturday – Samedi                              June – Juin

                                      Sunday – Dimanche                           July – Juillet

         August – Aout

        September  – Septembre

      October – Octobre

November – Novembre

     December – Decembre­


Please record in here what your targets will be this school year. Reply to this post and do not start a new post. You could lay it out as below and sign your name below.

Literacy – I will read back my work to see if it makes sense and aim to improve my spelling.

Numeracy – I will learn all my tables including my 12 times table.

H&WB – I will try to be a good role model for the other pupils and will take on roles of responsibility when I have a chance.

Mr Finnon.