6 thoughts on “Divided City Collage”

  1. Hey! I love your collage! I think I will make one of those with my P7. Nice pics too! Sounds and looks like Divided City is a great book!

    Mrs Hunter
    Gourock Primary

  2. I had a good time at Saint Patricks day and I learned about about Saint Patrick. I enjoyed the biscuits

  3. Dont know where to put St Patrick homework so putting it here. This week in class we have been learning in class about St. Patrick.We have talked about the miracles he done for the Irish people. We also made St. Patrick day biscuits!

  4. On St Patricks day we went to mass in St Patrick’s and the day before we made leprechauns and we also made empire biscuits with green icing

  5. At St Patrick’s day I learned things that I never thought.We also went to St Patrick’s church,it was interesting.

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