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At Kilbowie we did so many activities, my favourite activities were Skiing and Walking. At the skiing I did very well, I did the wall of death and a jump. I wasn’t expecting that I would be able to do all the challenges my instructor called “John” gave me.The walk was really fun because Β Erynn thought there was a shallow puddle but when she jump in the water came right up to her waste, the reaction on her face was priceless.

The person that stood out the most to me was Erynn because at the Gorge I thought she wouldn’t jump in or be able to coupe with the extreme cold.


In Kilbowie my favourite activity was skiing because i got really high up in the levels and i didn’t fall and hurt myself. I really enjoyed Kilbowie because of my room which inclued Me and Millie , my group and my table that we got to choose. When i heard of Kilbowie i thought it was going to very scary but for me it was fun and easy.

My Biography Poem

Name) Luke.

Discription Of Me) Β Sporty , Fun , Wierd.

Likes) All Sports , Going Outside.

Dislikes) Eating fish , getting hurt.

Fears) No fear.

Dream Jobs) Anything to do with sports or even a proffesional at a sport.

Family) Son of Kenny and Annmarie. Brother of Sam and Jess.


My Biography Poem

Name Evan.

Son of Sharon and Paul brother of Charlie.

I like Β Xbox,swimming,drawing.

I dislike school ,bullies,fights,

Fear heights

Mood tired


Dream to become brilliant game designer

Accomplishments jumping off a cliff into water



In class we have been practicing The Divided City show with Castlehill PS and Citizens Thearter and will be doing the show a week today On March 12th.The reason the show is being done is to stop SECTARIANISM .

I thank Citizens Theartre for giving our school the opportunity to do this.