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What’s the Favourite Cheese in Room 3?

Room 3 took part in cheese tasting on Monday afternoon to end their topic on milk and dairy.  They tried French Brie, Mozzarella, Red Leicester and spreadable cheese which they had with breadsticks and crackers. Everyone really enjoyed this experience and decided that Red Leicester was their favourite.

Wednesday 27th December 2013

Primary 1 Visit to Bellshill Cultural Centre

To celebrate Book Week Scotland, Rooms 1, 2 & 3 are visiting Bellshill Cultural Centre Library to take part in a story telling session. Pupils will walk to and from the library with their teacher and some parent helpers. Make sure you are dressed for the weather boys and girls. We hope you enjoy the story at the library!

Book Bug Parents Workshop

Yesterday, parents were invited to visit Primary 1 classes to share a story from the Book Bug Story Pack. The pack, containing 3 books was given, free,  to all Primary 1 pupils to enjoy at home with parents and carers. We hope you enjoy reading the books and sharing the stories.