Digital Learning Support

As you are aware, in light of the First Minister’s announcement on the 5th of January we have moved to digital learning from the 11th of January until 1st of February for our children with the exception of key worker and vulnerable children.   To ensure that all children have access to learning and to their teacher, our teachers are working together to provide remote learning and to key worker and vulnerable children learning.

Microsoft Teams is our platform for remote learning and children from Monday can access learning via their new Teams tile.  When you access Teams look out for the new classroom tiles – you will find that two classrooms are now together on one tile, for example rooms 7 and 10’s remote learning can be found on the tile ‘Lawmuir Rm 7 & 10 (Lockdown 2021)’.

Please see below as to how the new tiles look:

To help ensure children are accessing remote learning we have created a digital support and help guide for parents and carers.  All information for remote learning can now be found in the one place.  Our guide will give you advice on a range of topics such as ‘how to login to Glow’, ‘password reset assistance’ and ‘games console access’.  Click on the tile you would further assitance with and you will taken to the relevant information.  This guide can also be found on our school app and website.