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School Dinner Menu Change – Effective from 14th March

Lawmuir has been chosen to pilot the new school lunch menu. This will replace the advertised normal North Lanarkshire Menu form 14th March.  As usual there will be a three week rotation.

Please Note changes to Yellow & Blue band options especially.

No other choices are available. Please speak to your child about their lunch choice prior to them attending school.

14th March – 18th March

21st March – 25th March  

28th March – 1st April

In addition pupils will be given a free Blue (Packed Lunch Choice to try at home – This will be a different Primary each week).

Lawmuir Library Update

Dear Parent/Carers,
                                      Prior to Covid-19, we were delighted to share with you our successful application to receive a £5000 grant from the Scottish Library Information Council, to enhance our school library.  We are very proud to share with you today a video of our enhanced school library.
 Here pupils can now sit comfortably and read for pleasure in our relaxed outdoor themed library.  We have now increased our range of fiction and non-fiction books for e.g. STEM, Historical and Health and Wellbeing.  Please note, we now have child appropriate fiction books in our library to support pupils coping with different life events e.g. bereavement, divorce, anxiety.  Please contact the school office if you feel this support would be beneficial to read at home.
The library enhancement has been shaped listening to our pupils’ views and ideas and together we will continue to develop new library initiatives to encourage reading for pleasure.   Please look out for Class Reader of the Month coming soon!
We hope you like our library.
Thank you for your continued support.
Kind Regards,
Miss Law and  Lawmuir Rights Ambassadors