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iPad unpacking by ntr23
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this is a quick test of blogging to a glow blog from an iPad.

It seem to work out ok. The only problem is that you cannot use the wysiwyg editor. I expected that to mean you couldn’t just put in a return and expect a new line and expect a new line. This would mean putting in <p> tags which would be a bit of a hassle. Fortunately it turns out that wordpress puts paragraph breaks in.

The other potential problem is posting images. Safari on iOS does not support file upload. This is easily enough worked around by embedding images from Flickr. In this post I used my simple Flickr search to find and embed an image with attribution.

It would be simple enough to use an app to upload a file to Flickr and then embed it.

I’ve written this post in the word press dashboard but I might, in the future, type the post in the notes app and paste it into the word press editor to have a wee bit more space. I would certainly not count out the iPad as a blogging tool. (the ipad 2 announced this week looks like an even more compelling device than this one).

Author: John Johnston

I am a teacher, currently working in Banton Primary for North Lanarkshire Council. I also act as Product Owner/provide support for Glow Blogs.

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