Up and Running

Glow Blogs are back from their weekend break. Hopefully even better, running on new infrastructure.


featured image

Atalanta and Hippomemes, in the foreground Atalanta kneeling to pick up an apple and Hippomemes running with an apple in either hand, in the landscape background Atalanta running, from a series of four mythological scenes

Public Domain Dedication (CC0) from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Multiple image uploads on iOS

It is now possible to upload multiple photos on iOS using Mobile Safari to Glow Blogs. I am not sure when this change happened and if it is due to upgrades to iOS/Safari or the recent WordPress upgrade on Glow Blogs.

Here is a gallery uploaded from my iPad.

And here is another one showing the steps taken to produce the one above.

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Learning about copyright

Today I am in Glenboig Primary talking about copyright. Primary 4/5 are learning to blog. We looked at pics4learning.com where I got this nice photo of a Mountain Lion. It was taken by Michael D. Hall.



It is important only to use picture you are allowed to. Pics4learning.com allows you to use their pictures if I say who took the picture and where I got it from.