30Hands iOS Slideshows with Audio


30hands is a platform for online and blended learning, but it also produces a nice free iOS application for making slideshows that combine images and audio much like SonicPics. 30Hands is designed to work with the 30Hands platform but you can use it without signing up and simply export the video to your camera roll.

The video above was put together in 30Hands in a very short time using screenshots of 30Hands.

30Hands on the iTunes store.

iPad glow blogging easier with tabs

Tabs by denn
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

It is a lot easier to blog with an iPad on this more recent version of Safari which has tabbed browsing.
One of the problems with glow blogs is their lack of support for the MetaWeblogAPI so that the many blogging apps on iOS do not work.
One of the problems blogging with an iOS device is the lack of support for file uploads in web browsers.
This mean if you want to use an image in a blog post you need to use one previously uploaded to the web. Here I have searched Flickr with A flickr CC search toy which finds safe images that you can legally use and provides an HTML snippet to insert the image with the attribution.
The new safari with tabs makes it easy to write a post in one tab and search for an image in the other. Remember that Mobile safari does not support the wysiwyg editing of posts you need to switch to the HTML editor.
Hopefully when we hear of the next ‘version’ of glow it will include the ability to use the MetaWeblogAPI in glow blogs.

Blogsy an iPad blogging App

Blogsy is a new iPad blog editor that has a lot of useful features. It allow you to blog photos from Flickr and a couple of other photo sites, video from YouTube and also to load a webpage and drag images into the post.

You type in a code view:

And then swipe to a preview combined with some text formatting and the drag and drop interface. You swipe again to go back to the code view. The text formatting works in both views.

You can also use the built in browser to add links to as well as photos from other sites.

A wee problem is that the app doesn’t upload photos to your blog but hotlinks the ones dragged in. This might give problems if the image is removed and also does not attribute the images in any way.

Blogsy works with wordpress.com, self hosted wordpress blogs and blogger ones. I could not get it to work with my pivot blog although pivot supports the MetaWeblogAPI. 

I am going to try to post this to a wordpress and blogger blogs using the settings (a couple of test blogs). I got an error trying to post to blogger. Since the HTML links to images and is nice & clean I’ll post it to My World Wide Wall Display blog by copying the HTML and pasting into Safari. Pivot’s mobile interface is nice

If Glow blogs get the metaweblogAPI sorted out this could be a useful app for class blogging in Scotland.

pasting into the web interface works in a glow blog.

iPad Glow blogging

iPad unpacking by ntr23
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

this is a quick test of blogging to a glow blog from an iPad.

It seem to work out ok. The only problem is that you cannot use the wysiwyg editor. I expected that to mean you couldn’t just put in a return and expect a new line and expect a new line. This would mean putting in <p> tags which would be a bit of a hassle. Fortunately it turns out that wordpress puts paragraph breaks in.

The other potential problem is posting images. Safari on iOS does not support file upload. This is easily enough worked around by embedding images from Flickr. In this post I used my simple Flickr search to find and embed an image with attribution.

It would be simple enough to use an app to upload a file to Flickr and then embed it.

I’ve written this post in the word press dashboard but I might, in the future, type the post in the notes app and paste it into the word press editor to have a wee bit more space. I would certainly not count out the iPad as a blogging tool. (the ipad 2 announced this week looks like an even more compelling device than this one).