Transfer from Nursery to Primary School

We have strong links with all the Nurseries in the local area.  The majority of our Primary 1 pupils attend our own nursery, though some pupils also attend other nurseries in the surrounding area.  The Primary 1 teachers liaise closely with Nursery staff before the children start Primary School. There are workshops provided where the children can experience the types of learning activities they will undertake in Primary 1.  The children are also given the opportunity to visit their new school and spend some time in their new learning environment with their new teacher.  Finally, the Primary 7 children provide pastoral care for the new Primary 1s in the form of playground pals and buddies.  In addition to these arrangements we also attempt to involve the nursery pupils in the every day runnning of the school in the following ways:

  • Children from our nursery class attend school assemblies when appropriate
  • Children in our nursery class have PE in the school gym hall
  • The HT and DHT visits the nursery class regularly to get to know the children
  • P1 teachers have regular visits to the nursery class in the last school term to build good relationships with the children
  • Nursery and P1 teachers meet to discuss pupil profiles and transition records
  • School taster sessions for children and information sessions for parents are hosted by the school

Transfer from Primary School to Secondary School

Pupils normally transfer between the ages of 11 and a half and 12 and a half so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least 4 years of secondary education.  Parents will be informed of the arrangements no later than December of the year preceding the date of transfer at the start of the new session.

Pupils at Eastfield Primary normally transfer to Greenfaulds High School.  The Head Teacher is Mrs Linda Park and the telephone number is 01236 727956 or visit their website.

In their final year we aim to provide a variety of opportunities for pupils to visit their chosen secondary school and staff visit our school to talk to the children about their transfer arrangements.  Our children learn what lessons and subjects they can expect to study in first year.  These liaison activities are seen as a very positive process ensuring a smooth transfer.  Late on in Primary 7, pupils also attend their secondary school for the 2-day-visit, allowing them to experience all the routines and opportuniites they will have when they make the transition to S1.

As well as these opportunities, we try to fully involve both staff, parents and pupils in the transtion process in the following ways:

  • an evening meeting for P7 parents at Greenfaulds High is arranged to give new parents an introduction to the school
  • arrangements are made for secondary staff to visit the primary school some time during the session preceding transfer
  • many activities take place throughout the year aimed at particiaption by P7 pupils in the Greenfaulds cluster schools to provide opportunities for pupild to meet other pupils from various local primary schools
  • Greenfaulds and Eastfield Primary staff meet and liaise regarding pupils progress
  • pupil records are passed on to Greenfaulds staff and classes are allocated in June and given to the children prior to the end of term

Greenfaulds High has established extensive links with its partnership primary schools to prepare pupils for a smooth transition between primary and secondary school and to provide continuity of learning.