Our School Team

Head Teacher

Mrs Lesley McPhee (Headteacher)

Depute Head Teacher

Mrs Lynne Bradshaw

Principal Teachers

Mrs Fiona Kelly

Miss Kay Smith – Covered by Miss Lisa Clerkson (Acting PT)

Miss Laura Duddy (Acting PT)

Mr Alexander Rutherford (Acting PT)


Class Teachers

P1a                                  Miss Jennifer Nicholson

P1b                                 Mrs Michelle Harkins

P1/2                                Mrs Vanessa Steel

P2                                   Mrs Jennifer Lam

P2/3                               Mrs Fiona Kelly

P3/4                               Mrs Kirsty Reid

P4                                   Mrs Lesley Fagan

P4/5                               Miss Ashleigh Lamont

P5                                   Mrs Laurie Morrison

P5/6                               Miss Ashley Wilson

P6                                  Mrs Margaret Dickson

P7a                                 Miss Susan Mercer

P7b                                 Mr Alan Miller


NCCT Teacher             Miss Lisa Clerkson (PT), Miss Laura Duddy (PT), Mr Alexander Rutherford (PT)


Specialist Staff

As well as the full time staff mentioned above the school and nursery also benefits from support from;

Mrs Margaret Hunter       Continuous Improvement Officer

Mr Paul Porteos                 NLC Bilingual Support Team

Mrs Janet Incecik             NLC Psychological Services

Mr McKreel                        Visiting Brass Instrument Tutor

Clerical Support Staff

Mrs Audrey McGowan        Senior Clerical Assistant

Mrs Jeanette Juba                Clerical Assistant

Mrs Adele Carroll                 Clerical Assistant

School & Classroom Support Staff

Mrs Corinne Waugh            Classroom Assistant

Mrs Catriona McLaughlan Special Educational Needs Assistant

Mrs Carol Latta                    Special Educational Needs Assistant

Mrs Jennifer Maclean         Special Educational Needs Assistant

Mrs Sharon Ashbridge        Special Educational Needs Assistant

Mrs Alison McNaught         Special Educational Needs Assistant

Janitorial Support Staff

Mr Tommy Kilpatrick            School Janitor/ First Aider