School Uniform

We encourage all our pupils to wear their uniform not only because it is a reflection of our standards being set and followed, but for the following reasons:

  • Dress is often an indication of attitude. ‘Casual’ dress can often cause ‘casual’ attitudes which can lead to a poor approach to work and therefore poor attainment. School uniform complements the discipline of the school.
  • If pupils are left to set standards of dress, these will be so many and varied, there will be effectively none. It can also be very divisive and sometimes unpleasant for children whose parents cannot afford to ‘compete’ for the latest fashion.
  • Within the school itself, it has become more important for security reasons that our pupils are identifiable.
  • At secondary school and within the world of work, pupils will, in many cases, be expected to conform to certain standards of dress – therefore in this respect wearing the uniform is training for life.
  • Traditionally, parents have given the school wholehearted support on the matter of school uniform. We are grateful to parents for their support and hope that this support will be continued given that the wearing of the school uniform will be an important factor in maintaining our school ethos.

Details of Eastfield’s Primary School Uniform

Parents have given the school wholehearted support on the matter of our school uniform. We are most grateful to parents and hope that their continued support will be forthcoming in what we consider to be a most obvious and important factor in maintaining our school ethos.

This uniform dress code was developed by the school council and has the full support of Eastfield’s Primary School Parent Council.

All pupils are encouraged to take a pride in their appearance, setting high personal standards. Pupils are expected to use sound judgment and reflect respect for themselves and others in their dress and appearance.

Eastfield’s Primary School’s policy is that all our pupils are required to wear the school uniform.

1.       This is a sign of the pride pupils take in their school and reflects their commitment to and identification with Eastfield Primary School.

2.       It encourages school attendance.

3.       It encourages good order and conduct

4.       It improves school security

5.       It reduces the pressure to compete wearing ‘designer’ clothes and the financial pressure on parents/carers

The School Uniform consists of:

1.       A white school shirt / blouse, and school tie which is visible at all times

2.       A white school poloshirt complete with the school badge or alternatively a white poloshirt complete with a school tie

3.       Dark grey ‘smart’ trousers, skirt or pinafore (leggings, jeans, denim and track suits are not acceptable, under any circumstances)

4.       A navy school jumper or cardigan complete with the school badge or a plain navy jumper or cardigan (No hooded tops)

5.       A school jacket or blazer complete with badge

6.       Sensible plain black shoes.

Pupils Must Not Wear:

1.       Football colours.

2.       Clothing which has offensive slogans or symbols

3.       Clothing carrying advertising, particularly tobacco, alcohol or drugs

4.       Clothing which could cause health & safety difficulties, e.g. shell suits, and similar sportswear including items of clothing labeled flammable.

5.       Clothing or items which could be used to inflict damage or be used by others to do so, e.g. chains, studs, steel toe caps, knuckle-duster rings etc

6.       Valuable items of jewellery or expensive items of clothing. There is no insurance to cover the loss of such items.

7.       Outer Jackets, not part of the school uniform, must be removed on entry to the school building.

School uniform order forms are available from the school office and orders can be made at any point throughout the session.

School Physical Education (PE) Kit Policy

The Eastfield Primary School policy on PE kits is consistent with the North Lanarkshire Council Code of Practice for Participation in Physical Education.

–        All pupils are required to bring full kits to school in order to participate in PE lessons

–        PE clothing must be in line with school dress policy and should not include football team tops, or feature inappropriate slogans on t-shirts.

–        Watches, jewellery, or any other items which may be deemed dangerous to self or others, should be removed before participation.