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It’s here the big day has finally arrived – I am so excited!! My new trainers arrived yesterday, I have been warming up since 7am and am raring to go.  Don’t forget to keep all the first place medals and certificates to one side until I arrive.  I’ll also be expecting lots of strawberries, apple juice and tuna sandwiches.  On your marks, get set …………………

Day 1 of our Health Week/Sports Day challenge!  Don’t forget if you’re looking for some ideas have a look at our Staff video https://youtu.be/ZqTbZ9WaaN4


The Term 4 Eco Newsletter is filled with Bee-autiful photos – have a look!🍯😊
 We miss our children and families very much so we’re sending you a special message.  It will make you smile!

Home Learning

Today’s challenge has been set by P3 teacher Miss McCready.

A Selfie in Isolation!      

We are currently living through a unique moment in history! We’re experiencing lockdown, home-schooling, coming together as a community and a whole new bunch of emotions too! Self-isolation and the situation we are in will have its ups and downs. Let’s give ourselves something to look back on by taking a ‘selfie in isolation!’. You can complete it as a family or on your own – it’s your choice! Stay safe. Stay together. Stay at home.

selfie in isolation

selfie in isolation (mine)

Don’t forget to enable editing


During her daily walk Miss Rawley saw some beautiful cherry blossom trees and thought that today you could get arty and produce your own picture of a blossom tree.  Use pens, pencils, paint or any media you like.  She looks forward to seeing lots of lovely pretty pink trees.



You won’t be surprised that Miss Turner has set you a musical challenge today. She’d like you to make a musical instrument using any items you can find around the house. It must be able to make at least TWO different pitched sounds. To take it even further, can you play a short piece of music on your instrument?

Our P2 teacher, Mrs Thomson, would like you to start the week with a smile. She’d like you to make a recording (audio or video) to send your class a message. This should include a joke to make them smile. These can be posted on Teams, blogs, email or Twitter.

Thank You to everyone who posted on the Digital Learning Blog last week– brilliant bloggers!!

I would like more posts this week – you can tell everyone about your Home Learning activities or simply use it like a Diary and tell us what you’ve been up to.  It has been great to read about your Easter holiday.

I’m also going to ask you to share some of the amazing examples of Digital Learning that you have been creating to me at gw14hollandtracy or post them on your class Team for me.  I have been very impressed with thePowerPoints, Word Documents and Sways that I have been sent.  I want everyone in our Largs Primary Family to see how brilliant you all are so get sharing!

Why don’t you Blog today’s Daily Challenge?

This is a lovely challenge set by Mrs Ewing. Until we are together again,we want you to have lots of positive thoughts, wishes …. and dreams. We miss you.
‪You have a science challenge today, set by Mrs Lavery. Click the link to watch the video and follow the instructions (don’t worry about needing glycerine). Happy bubble making! ‬
Remember we are also asking for you to add a post to our Blog – see below.
Let’s get Blogging!

I have given all pupils and staff the chance to create posts on the Digital Learning Blog.  This means that we can all see what each other is thinking/doing even if we’re in different classes.  I thought we could start by adding a post about our Easter Holiday – I have also created a Glow Blog Help sheet which I will put under your files tab on Teams on also on the Website/Digital Learning Pages.  So what are you waiting for?  Head on over and join me on the Blog.



Miss Holland has set you a challenge today that’s for individuals AND classes.
Choose a letter of the alphabet
Find 10 things beginning with that letter
Take a photo or make a list
Post this on your Class Team, SeeSaw or Twitter
Let’s see which class has the most posts!


Welcome back everyone – I hope you all had an excellent – eggsellent? – Easter Holiday! Welcome back everyone! Miss Ross has set you a challenge today to help work off those Easter eggs! You saw our staff “Happy Dance” and now it’s your turn. Choose a song that makes you happy, and create some dance moves to it. Enjoy, have fun and keep fit. We’d love to see your moves!
Online Safety

Our fabulous Digital Leaders have been really busy working together on their Team.  They have created an Online Safety PowerPoint to remind you to be S.M.A.R.T. Online.

OnlineSafetyDLs – PowerPoint

OnlineSafetyDLs  – PDF Document

Mrs Colquhoun has set the final challenge before the Easter Holidays. This should take you some time but it will be worth it. You will be able to re-open your challenge in the future and remember this time at home. Look out for some mini challenges during the holidays.
Image preview
You will be tired following yesterday’s workout so Mrs Lamont, from P1, has set you a reading challenge today. She has asked you to build a den then take some quiet time to read your favourite book there. We’d love to see this!

Today our P7 teacher, Mrs Yarr, has set you a 3-part challenge that will keep you moving!! Good luck.

Yesterday’s challenge was tricky and might take some time, so our P7/6 teacher, Mrs Sweeney, has set an easier one today. She’d like you to develop your artistic skills by drawing these Disney characters, then colour.  Can you create any others? Let’s see them!
Please see Today’s Tweet for pictures!
You won’t be surprised that Mr O’Neill has set a technology challenge .. and it’s straight from NASA! He doesn’t expect it to be finished in one day, take your time, look at the criteria, research and enjoy! Looking forward to seeing photos in the future.
Instructions here:  build-a-spacecraft  Good Luck and Enjoy!



Today’s fun challenge has been set by Mrs Kerr and Mrs Wilson from our office.  They’d like you to complete this indoor scavenger hunt.  When you’ve found everything, take a photo, have a break ….. then put it all back in the correct places!

Scavenge Hunt

A toy with wheels, a book with the first letter of your name in it, a pair of matching socks, 4 things that are green, something very soft, a toy smaller than your hand, something round, a book with numbers in it, 5 Lego bricks that are all different, a photo of someone you love, an item you can see yourself in, an item that makes you feel cosy, a toy that has three different colours, a movie that has ‘s’ in the title and your favourite soft toy!

Good Luck and have lots of fun!


Today’s challenge has been set by P1 teacher, Miss Storrie.  She’d like you to learn this song and the Makaton signing to it.  It might take some time, but it will be worth it when we can all perform together at our next assembly.  We’d love to see your videos.




Watch this space for a daily challenge set by a member of staff. Today’s is set by Mrs Dorrian and is easy! You may have seen it on the news. She’d like you to design a rainbow and display it in your window at home as a sign of hope that we are together again soon. Look out for the rainbows if you’re out for your daily exercise. We’d love to see photos! 🌈🌈🌈



In our school we aim to ‘Get It Right For Every Child’.  All children are encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards learning, caring for themselves, others and our environment.  You will find details within this website of the ways in which we seek to achieve these goals.

We share your hopes and aspirations for your children and would urge you to feel confident in approaching the school if you have any concerns and be assured that we will approach you in the same spirit.

I look forward to welcoming you into our school community where we can work in partnership to provide the best possible education for your children.

Kind regards

Julie M Dorrian

Head Teacher

Achieving Excellence Together

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