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Night and Day work in Primary C

We have been focusing on different things that you can see in the sky during night and day. The children loved lying outside on the grass (during a gorgeous sunny day) looking up at the sky to see what they could see. We were very lucky and saw a few planes, birds, butterflies, bees and even a paraglider!

Spring time!

Primary C has been busy exploring Spring. We have been ‘nature detectives’, both in our school sensory garden and out in the community during our road safety walks, searching for signs of Spring! We have also been investigating some of our nature finds back in class and even using them as an art material.

Image result for Cartoon Grasshopper Check out our Grasshoppers!  Image result for Cartoon Grasshopper

Easter activities

Yesterday we had a fun filled afternoon watching a memorable performance of The Jungle Book. M&M productions know how to put on a show! We all explored the costumes, puppets, lights and sound in the brilliant sensory workshops too.

Today the classes joined together to make Easter themed hats and cards before staging our own parade. All proceeds and donations were in aid of a very special Brain Tumour charity we hold dear. Thank you to everyone for your efforts.

We are really loving the Spring themed activities on our first week back. Lots of music, dancing and tasty treats.

We hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and here’s to Easter 🐣



Science Centre

We had a brilliant time at the Glasgow Science centre on Wednesday. So much fun interacting with the exhibits; finding out more about space and beyond! We had the red carpet treatment from all involved, even an interactive lesson explaining how we use our senses!

STEAM fortnight is in full swing and as we prepare for the Easter holidays, there will be many opportunities to get experimental in class. So many wonderful ways to explore cause and effect and we just LOVE it.

Warmest Wishes from the Primary C team x



Primary C – STEAM week

What a fantastic start to our STEAM week activities with an amazing visit from ‘Think Science’!

We explored Space rocks, dry ice (- using it to make huge clouds and for fun popping experiments), bubbles that you can catch and fun with a plasma ball. Lots of fun had by all!!


Space Fun in Primary C!

Lots of fun today during our ‘The Sky’s the Limit’ topic work exploring Venus with Astro Ted!  We found out that Venus is the second plant from the sun, is covered in clouds and is incredibly hot. We also carried out some science experiments in class to represent volcanos – which there are lots of on Venus.

We then moved into the sensory studio to explore our own planets and stars that we painted, which glowed beautifully under the ultra violet light! To finish up our fun in the sensory studio we had great time using the different Space games on Magic Carpet!