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Autumn Activities

This week in Primary C we have been investigating the initial signs of Autumn. As part of our morning routine we sing about the weather and explore its extremities. We love it when it’s sunny or windy. Adding shimmery, crunchy leaves into the mix has put smiles on faces. We have a wonderful seasonal wall taking shape but more on that shortly! We can’t give too much away 🍁 

The children have kindly sent in pictures from home of them taking part In our weekly challenges. Keep them coming as we love the feedback and we like to display the results on our wall.  All homework set is linked to what we are working on in class so your enthusiasm really means the world to us.



Primary C Toy Stories

This week we have been super busy building world famous landmarks with our friend Mr Potato head. We have painted with cars and loved watching the effects that followed.

Later in the week we had a bounce off at rebound! I think jumping beans were served at lunch!

The magic carpet has been well used as we chose a musical program that activated with movement. What a fun week. Look out for new homework loaded in bags from today. Please remember to return  any outstanding homework by Thursday.

Warmest Wishes from Primary C

Pizza Planet fun with Primary C.

HS doing excellent spreading.

CR sprinkling her cheese.

HC loving praise for doing excellent work.

Sprinkle sprinkle – some key vocabulary.

CR very happy with her pizza!

JA excited to get to eat his very own pizza.


Construction in Primary D.

Our class mascot, Buzz, arrived in class this morning with a bag full of construction fun! We played a Mr Potato Head game and Stephen was the winner. Afterwards, we had the mission of using bricks to build an iconic world landmark. The boys chose to build The Burj Khalifa in Dubai. We had lots of fun with Mr Potato Head today and can’t wait to see what fun activities Buzz will bring for us tomorrow.

Toy Story IDL

This week we have explored our IDL topic that is due to launch. To Infinity and beyond!! Its TOY STORY!!! The children loved the big reveal. We chose our favourite songs, some video clips and got messy during our art lesson. The big favourite was our bingo and matching pairs game. Look inside bags this weekend as our new homework initiative has also launched in Primary C. Every week there will be 2 fun activities to complete at home that are linked to our class work and IDL. We cannot wait to hear how you get on. Can you spot which one of our pupils has earned the official photographer role in class? Loves a selfie.

Fun in Primary C

We have had an excellent second week here in Primary C. The children and staff have been having so much fun throughout the day setting up a lovely welcome time, exploring many sensory items, being outside on the bikes and lots of fun on the trampoline for Rebound Therapy.

We have also been adding wee clues in our classroom to what our topic is going to be, check out classroom door…..


PE in Primary A

The last 2 weeks have been full of energetic fun between the Hydrotherapy pool and our Rebound Therapy sessions on the trampoline.  Our new P1s have been showing us their delight and fully participating in our activities.  We have worked hard to ensure our fabulous newbies have had the best start with varied experiences.  Our photos show exactly how they responded.  Enjoy 🙂

LC so relaxed during Rebound that she fell asleep

ME working hard to kick his legs and follow spoken instructions. 

AF very happy in the Hydrotherapy pool, exploring the deeper end with PS.

ME working on his high kneeling skills.

NE bouncing in a supported seated position.

LC supported to experience bouncing whilst lying down.

AF showing her LOVE for the trampoline.

Primary A’s 50 Things To Do…

Today Primary A embarked on one of our 50 Things To Do challenges…we had a Pooh Stick Race!  We found sticks, dropped them into the water, and then rushed to the other side of the bridge to see if our stick made it through!

AF throwing her stick into the water!

Success! AF’s Pooh Stick made it all the way under the bridge!

LC listening to the water rushing.

NE ready to throw!

Another victory! LC’s stick made it through the water!