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Summer Fayre fun

Wish Jars

Pot shot plant people

Which one did you get?

Ultra rare love bugs

Surprise pet blind bags

Primary C worked tirelessly on creating out super stall for the Garden Fayre. Our items sold out quickly! We would like to thank all those who came along and supported our amazing school. A great turnout as always. Hope you enjoyed the wonderful crafts created by our amazing pupils.

Adventures with Astro Ted in Primary D.

The boys in Primary D (and staff) enjoyed learning about Saturn with their friend, Astro Ted. We used hula hoops to explore the rings around Saturn and made the surface of Saturn using cornflour, conditioner and rocks. What a great afternoon, full of smiles and lots of mess!! 🙂

Space Fun in Primary C!

Lots of fun today during our ‘The Sky’s the Limit’ topic work exploring Venus with Astro Ted!  We found out that Venus is the second plant from the sun, is covered in clouds and is incredibly hot. We also carried out some science experiments in class to represent volcanos – which there are lots of on Venus.

We then moved into the sensory studio to explore our own planets and stars that we painted, which glowed beautifully under the ultra violet light! To finish up our fun in the sensory studio we had great time using the different Space games on Magic Carpet!





Parent Council Minutes May 2018

James McFarlane School

Parent Council Meeting

Monday 14th May 2018 at 10.30am
In James McFarlane School

In Attendance:

Lesley Ward, Deputy
Paul McIvor, Deputy
Donna Curran, Chair
Carol Caven, Parent
Gemma Soons, Parent

School Improvement Plan

Paul went over the school improvement plan for James McFarlane. The main priorities are to continue working on GIRFEC, to continue to develop and embed communication rich approaches to teaching and to continue to develop staff.
The staff will undertake peer assessment and observation to allow more experienced members of staff to share their knowledge with less experienced or newer members of staff.
A member of staff will attend regional Makaton Tutor training so there will be an in house qualified tutor.
The improvement plan is extensive and will be available on the blog.

New School

There are drawings of plans for the new school up in the school on the notice board outside the staff room for any parents who would like to see them.


Some parents had contacted Donna with concerns over recent physio appointments. In addition to the physios the school will aim to contact parents to remind them of any in school appointments.

Parent Council Chair Meeting

Donna attended a recent parent council chair meeting. The pupil equity funding was discussed and the way the money is allocated may be changing.
A new font has been developed for use by pupils with dyslexia, it is easier for dyslexic pupils to read.

School Transport

Parents are reminded to contact the HUB directly with any transport concerns including any issues surrounding pick ups and drop offs.

Summer Holidays

Donna suggested the possibility of a Summer meet up for any parents/carers and children who may be interested. No definite plans have been put in place but maybe a day at the beach?
Lesley has spoken to the school activities coordinator for KA Leisure to raise the point that the Summer programme does not include activities suitable for our children. This will hopefully be addressed but it might not be possible this year.

Pupil Fundraising

The school has reached its fundraising target for the magic carpet and it has been ordered.

Christmas and Halloween Parties

Preparations are already under way for these events. We are hoping to have a themed Halloween party- maybe a ‘Funky Hat’ theme? If anyone has any ideas or suggestions can they please contact Donna.

Garden Fayre

The annual garden fayre will be held on Thursday 7th June. Any plants or donations to the ‘good as new’ or bottle stall are gratefully received. If anyone is available to help on the day manning stalls or helping with teas/coffees please contact the school.

School Funds Committee

The school funds committee decides how best school funds should be spent. Donna suggested adding a parent to the committee.