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PE in Primary A

The last 2 weeks have been full of energetic fun between the Hydrotherapy pool and our Rebound Therapy sessions on the trampoline.  Our new P1s have been showing us their delight and fully participating in our activities.  We have worked hard to ensure our fabulous newbies have had the best start with varied experiences.  Our photos show exactly how they responded.  Enjoy 🙂

LC so relaxed during Rebound that she fell asleep

ME working hard to kick his legs and follow spoken instructions. 

AF very happy in the Hydrotherapy pool, exploring the deeper end with PS.

ME working on his high kneeling skills.

NE bouncing in a supported seated position.

LC supported to experience bouncing whilst lying down.

AF showing her LOVE for the trampoline.

Primary A’s 50 Things To Do…

Today Primary A embarked on one of our 50 Things To Do challenges…we had a Pooh Stick Race!  We found sticks, dropped them into the water, and then rushed to the other side of the bridge to see if our stick made it through!

AF throwing her stick into the water!

Success! AF’s Pooh Stick made it all the way under the bridge!

LC listening to the water rushing.

NE ready to throw!

Another victory! LC’s stick made it through the water!

First Week!

NE looking for rainbow fish on the magic carpet.

AF chasing the rainbow fish!

LC following those cheeky fish!

Well! What a wonderful first week in Primary A! We have been really busy getting to know everyone! Firm favourites so far are magic carpet, pool, rebound and sensory exploration 🖤 Here’s a sneak peak at our sensory play. Roll on week two!


Garden Fayre certainly got us in the mood to make our class planter pretty for summer!  We loved the sights, smells and textures of our new plants.  We even found some new friends in the form of creepy crawlies.  We got a bit messy too…!

ME picked the orange flower!

Gardening makes Primary A happy!

ME delighted with his choice!

NW exploring the texture of his favourite plant.

The soil was cold and wet!

Primary A’s Planter

STEAM Week in Primary A

We have had a fantastic time exploring different STEAM activities.  We have learned lots of new skills and everyone has been full of smiles during the fun!!

TA making art during our balloon splat fun

KG ready to throw her balloon

ME at the Science Centre

CD ready to splat his balloon


CD and ME exploring space at the Science Centre 

ME at the Science Centre disco

CD exploring some new smells

NW smelling something new

NW exploring space

NW watching the fans making paper helicopters

NW wondering what’s in the box

NW just missed his toes!

APRIL Fun!!!

We may not have been at school much during April but we still managed to pack lots of fun in and keep ourselves very busy.  See a separate blog for STEAM Week.

NW exploring the Happy Drum

KG exploring the chime bars

NW independently exploring books. One of his favourite things to do!

KG making the planet Mars

KG having fun with bubbles

CD working hard on the Promethean Board using cause and effect programs.

ME taking part in Enterprise activities

NW independently participating in Enterprise activities

KG filling the pots during Enterprise activities

ME loving some bubble play


Primary A have seen many benefits from Rebound sessions this year.  From health benefits to communication development.  Our wee stars are incredible and its so wonderful to see them choosing favourites ❤

TA showing his love for Rebound

ME waiting very patiently for his turn