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PE in Primary A

The last 2 weeks have been full of energetic fun between the Hydrotherapy pool and our Rebound Therapy sessions on the trampoline.  Our new P1s have been showing us their delight and fully participating in our activities.  We have worked hard to ensure our fabulous newbies have had the best start with varied experiences.  Our photos show exactly how they responded.  Enjoy 🙂

LC so relaxed during Rebound that she fell asleep

ME working hard to kick his legs and follow spoken instructions. 

AF very happy in the Hydrotherapy pool, exploring the deeper end with PS.

ME working on his high kneeling skills.

NE bouncing in a supported seated position.

LC supported to experience bouncing whilst lying down.

AF showing her LOVE for the trampoline.

STEAM Week in Primary A

We have had a fantastic time exploring different STEAM activities.  We have learned lots of new skills and everyone has been full of smiles during the fun!!

TA making art during our balloon splat fun

KG ready to throw her balloon

ME at the Science Centre

CD ready to splat his balloon


CD and ME exploring space at the Science Centre 

ME at the Science Centre disco

CD exploring some new smells

NW smelling something new

NW exploring space

NW watching the fans making paper helicopters

NW wondering what’s in the box

NW just missed his toes!

APRIL Fun!!!

We may not have been at school much during April but we still managed to pack lots of fun in and keep ourselves very busy.  See a separate blog for STEAM Week.

NW exploring the Happy Drum

KG exploring the chime bars

NW independently exploring books. One of his favourite things to do!

KG making the planet Mars

KG having fun with bubbles

CD working hard on the Promethean Board using cause and effect programs.

ME taking part in Enterprise activities

NW independently participating in Enterprise activities

KG filling the pots during Enterprise activities

ME loving some bubble play


Primary A have seen many benefits from Rebound sessions this year.  From health benefits to communication development.  Our wee stars are incredible and its so wonderful to see them choosing favourites ❤

TA showing his love for Rebound

ME waiting very patiently for his turn

Sunshine Fun!!

We have had lots of smiles and laughter outside in the sunshine today creating bubbles.  The boys took great delight in splashing us all then laughing when we squealed!

Some of our PA boys sharing space and creating a bubble explosion.

NW independently exploring water play and making bubbles.

ME being visually supported to explore water play.


We have been Spring cleaning!!

Primary A, B and C have been busy carrying out our annual Spring clean.  We all came together to learn about recycling and sorting our rubbish into different bins.  Linsey lead a great session with some songs about litter picking and recycling.  We then all went outside to collect any litter we could find and sort it into the correct bins.  Well done everyone and thank you Linsey for organising it all.


Linsey leading a singalong

JA taking a turn

DH and HS learning to use the claw

JG and LM showing us how it is done

LH trying with Lynda

CD and HC working together

LM working with Joanna

Strictly Come Disco! for Sport Relief

On Friday 16th March we had a dress up or dress down day in aid of Sport Relief.  The whole school came together to get their Strictly Come Disco on partied the afternoon away.  We decorated with disco balls that the pupils made and had sensory lights.  Everyone had a great time and we raised £66.00 for Sport Relief.

Well done everyone!!!

HS moving around playing Keepy Uppy with the balloons. 

CR exploring balloons and loving the disco atmosphere.

CD enjoying the music and lights. His smile says it all!

The whole school got together to fundraise and support Sport Relief at our Strictly Come Disco!!

SJ dancing his socks off

AB dancing with Lorraine

CMM showing off his glow sticks

Snack time – dig in!

LO was very happy with the song choices

LT dancing with her glow sticks

🎉 Happy New Year 🎉

Happy New Year everyone.  We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed the holidays.

Primary A had a very productive first day back.  We explored many different sensory resources but our favourite was exploring light and sound in the Sensory Studio.

HS and CD sharing lights and space. Both boys were tracking the lights when moved and were independently moving them.

CD moving the light to create different patterns.

CR activating light up balls and independently discovering they can squeak. CR explored different ways to make them squeak by tapping them together, bouncing them and throwing them.

HS was actively moving and following the lights. He found it funny when they flashed.

Busy Busy Busy in PA

So far this term Primary A have been very busy.  Nativity rehearsals have us all prepared for our upcoming perormances and we hope you are as excited as we are to see it.

As a class we decided we would like to donate one of our sensory elves.  We felt that the Children’s Ward at Crosshouse is somewhere that many of our pupils experience and we wanted to give back.  Chloe helped to package up our Elf and post it off to them.  We hope they got a lovely surprise and that their Elf isn’t up to too much mischief 😁

CR posting an Elf to the boys and girls in hospital.

On Monday the 4th of December we visited Ardrossan Library.  Lara read us a story all about Ice Cream and then we did some arts and crafts, making an ice cream picture.  Our pictures are on display in the library.  Lara very kindly presented each of us with a Book Bag to take home.

Book Gifting at Ardrossan Library

We LOVED the pantomime.  We had great fun dancing and singing along with the music and watching lots of different characters.  Harry was particularly excited when a Minion made an appearance 🙂

It’s Panto Time!

Debbie brought her puppy Ozy into school to see us and we all spent some time clapping him and watching him explore our classroom.  Ozy was very calm and sat for us to touch him and feel his soft fur.  He even did some tricks for us  🐶

A visit from Ozy

Shaun from Sensory Guru helped us to experience and explore a Magic Carpet when he brought it to our Christmas Fayre.  It was AMAZING and we are very excited to be able to donate towards this from our Elf fundraising.  We all spent time exploring the different apps and activating the carpet through movement.  We all tried different activities and were able to show our favourites through our facial expressions and vocalisations.

Experiencing the Magic Carpet

On Monday 11th December we joined Primary B to attend the Variety Club Party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow.  There was music, dancing, puppeteers, party poppers and even Santa came to see us.  We had a wonderful time and want to thank everyone at the Variety Club for inviting us and for the gifts they gave.

Great fun at the Variety Club Christmas Party in Glasgow

There has been lots of sensory play in between Nativity rehearsals and all of our other activities but making snow and having snowball fights was our favourite.  We made the snow together then had great fun getting messy.  Lots of work on gross and fine motor (as well as working our tummy muscles through laughing 😂).

Snow much Fun!

Mr Bubbles has been keeping us busy and we have to find him every morning.  He loves to hide and surprise us.  We have found him hiding in Harry’s chair, on top of the Christmas Tree and even sliding down a tinsel zip slide.  We are using our problem solving skills to find him and see what mischief he has managed.

Mr Bubbles has been up to mischief

Today was our Christmas Party and we all wore lovely Christmassy outfits.  We danced, played some games and waited very well for Santa to call our names.  He even had gifts for us.  We are all very lucky.

Christmas Party fun

We hope you can join us for our Nativity Performance and if anyone has photos of their Elves having fun we would love to have them so we can share them all with you.

Thank you.