Seafield Primary School

Seafield was opened in 1955. We have 15 classes from Primary 1 to 7, with a roll of approximately 360.  The Nursery can cater for 80 pupils in total

Pupils are in mixed ability classes and children joining the school are allocated to classes according to their age and the number in each year at the time of enrolment.

Seafield has a Nursery and P1 building, it has an infant corridor housing P1 – P3 and a two storey wing for P3 – P7 classes.   There is also a ‘Hub’ housing P6 and P7 classes.

There are designated rooms for Music, Art, Digital Literacy and a Learning Support Base.   We have a large hall for P.E., Drama and Assemblies and a separate dining hall.   There is a large infant and senior library.

The school has extensive grassed playing fields as well as surfaced playgrounds.

Catchment Area

The school was built to service families living in the area north of the River Lossie, to the west of Lesmurdie Road, east of Covesea Road.

The nearest Secondary School is Elgin Academy, Morriston Road, Elgin(Tel. Elgin 543485).  

School Times morning afternoon
Primary 1,2,3 08:50 – 12:15 13:00  – 14:50
Primary 4 – 7  09:00 – 12:40 13:25  – 15:00

Our Staff

There is a teaching staff of 25.
This consists of Head Teacher, 2 Depute Head Teachers, 1 Principal teacher of Support for Learning, 15 full time equivalent Class Teachers, 1 part-time Class teacher, 2 full time teachers of Support for Learning and 1 part time teacher of Support for Learning.
We also have teachers of P.E. Music and Digital Literacy.

Head Teacher

Ms Snodgrass

Depute Head Teacher

Mrs Taggart

Depute Head Teacher

Mrs Simpson (Acting)


Mrs Forbes (Acting)

P7S Teacher

Mrs Simpson (M/T/W)

Miss Taylor (T/F)

P6/7 Teacher

Miss Collins

P6 Teacher

Mrs Fearon

P5/6 Teacher

Mr Kinsella

P5 Teacher

Miss Glenn

P4/5T Teacher

Miss McCulloch

P4B Teacher

Mrs Bell 

P3/4G Teacher

Mrs Gilles

P3/4O Teacher

Miss O’Neill
P3T Teacher

Miss Taylor (M/T/W)

Mrs Taggart (T/F)

P2/3Mc Teacher

Mrs McWatt

P2M Teacher

Miss McLeod

P1/2L Teacher

Mrs MCCann

P1McD Teacher

Miss McDermid

P1S Teacher

Mrs Stewart

Additional Support Needs Teachers:

Mrs Forbes

Mrs Pollack

Mrs Findlay

Teacher of Digital Literacy

Mrs McClure (M/T)

Teacher of PE

Miss Inkson 

Teacher of Music

Mrs Taylor (Th/F)

Miss Main is our Nursery Manager.  We have 2 Senior Nursery-Nurses, 4 Nursery Nurses, 4 Early Years Support Workers and 1 Pupil Support Assistant.  There are 15 full/part-time Pupil Support Assistants.  There are 2 Classroom Assistant to support children’s learning and 1 Children’s Supervisor.

There is a full-time and part-time Administrator and a Janitor.

Meals are cooked in the school and the children are supervised by 5 lunchtime supervisors during the lunch hour. One children’s supervisor and 5 supervisors are available at the morning interval.

Children who are in P1 – P5 receive school meals for free and are given a choice of three options on a daily basis.

Seafield Nursery

We have a nursery in the school catering for 80 children in the Elgin Academy Associated School Group catchment area. Children can be enrolled during the month of January for joining the nursery class at the start of the next school session.

Places are allocated according to the criteria laid down by The Moray Council with priority being given to children in their immediate pre-school year.

The parents of children who have been allocated a place are invited to participate in the induction procedures during the summer term. A separate Nursery handbook with additional information is available on request.

The current policy is:

Priority is given to children resident within the same secondary school catchment as the pre-school provision. Where the requested place is managed by the Headteacher, children already having a sibling in attendance is given priority i.e. a 3 year old with a sibling at primary school has priority over a 4 year old with no sibling at the school.

When offering funded pre-school places, centres use the following criteria:

  • Existing attendance at the centre.
  • Those resident in the secondary catchment area, and with a sibling at the centre.
  • Those resident in the secondary catchment area.
  • Children with a record of special educational needs, and/or subject to assessment by the Education Authority.
  • Those residing out with the secondary catchment area, and with a sibling at the centre.
  • Those residing out with the secondary catchment area.