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Term 3…it was busy!

Term 3, our penultimate term at Primary School, was a busy one!

In Mathematics we learned about measure. This involved us carrying out calculations to convert units of measure, read scales and accurately weigh items, measure distance and calculate capacity. We also learned how to measure area, volume and perimeter. We linked our learning to real life situations.

In Writing we needed to use our reading skills to gather information then write reports on animals in the rainforest. We also did some personal, reflective writing.

We started to learn about the rainforest and we will continue this at the start of term 4. So far we have learned where rainforests are and what the conditions are like, the tribe people who live there and the layers of a rainforest. We compared our lives to the tribe people.

Some of us have signed up to the Children’s University. This is a system that can be used to recognise our wider achievements. Several of us have volunteered to be ambassadors, which means we support younger pupils with their online passport as well as promoting Children’s University.

Some of us attended school camp at Dalguise. We had a great time, taking part in many activities we have never experienced before. Many of us conquered our biggest fears! Others stayed in school during camp week and took part in science experiments, cycled, baked and visited the High School several times.

We now have the small matter of our last ever time in Primary School. We have a trip to Amazonia to look forward to, our prom, graduation and our P6/7 School Show ‘Hairspray’.


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