Monthly Archives: January 2016

P7B have been busy…

We began this term by reflecting on last year and created wishing wands with our hopes for the year ahead. We also set new targets linked to our learning, ¬†which we are constantly reviewing. We have been using our Learning Pit before, during and after our learning and it is helping us to use a variety of ‘stuck strategies’.

This term our topic is the rainforest. We have been learning about where rainforests are in the world, the difference between temperate and tropical rainforests and we have started to learn about the layers of the rainforest. We have also learned about some rainforest animals such as the jaguar and the Capuchin monkey. We are also starting to make a 3D rainforset in our classroom.

In Numeracy we have been learning to use the jump strategy with adding and subtracting. We have also been learning about measure. Tomorrow we will be finishing our measure topic by learning about volume.

In P.E we have been doing athletics and on Monday we had a competition. 20 of our primary sevens from both classes went along and took part. The events included things such as: running, vertical jump, speed bounce, chest push, long jump, obstacle race and triple jump (Natasha in P7a set a new Midlothian record!!). Hawthornden WON the tournament on the day and came second overall in Midlothian.

By Abbie and Anja