Values reflection

Through last Thursdays task I found a greater understanding of equality in the classroom. We were placed into 5 different groups and were allocated with envelopes containing resources to create something new to Dundee university. Throughout the task it didn’t dawn on me that we would be treated differently; I was very focused on the task given that I didn’t notice until all was revealed that we had in fact been given different quantities and variations of resources used to create these new ideas. Group 1 received basic resources such as paper, pens and a paperclip whereas group 5 was presented with these as well as scissors, colourful pens and blue tac; many more and useful resources than the others. this task showed me the impact inequality can have in a working environment. Having different resources to work with doesn’t necessarily effect the effort of performance or overall end product but the principal of not receiving the same level of equality is unfair and should not be tolerated. This task also made me reflect on the matter of favouritism in the classroom as it can really knock the confidence of others if class favourites are made obvious. This can often lead to inequality of how others are treated because if a certain student receives more attention or resources this can make the other students less confident in school. Overall the task assigned last week really made me think about the different aspects of learning and how every student learns in their own way. By giving every individual child the same level of respect and ensuring they all learn in equal environments this will help our young children today to strive in the future.

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