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25/09/18 Values Reflection

Last weeks lecture on racism and sexism was a real eye opener for me. Further information was given to us on the Emmett Till case, lynching of black men and woman in American history and women’s suffrage movement. It saddens me as an aspiring primary teacher that young children today are not fully educated on these topics. They are growing up nowadays with racism and sexism still existing within our society but are not receiving the correct amount of information on these matters. Its especially important to teach this at a young age because then equality for race and gender will be seen far clearer. the impacts and effects of sexism and racism need to be fully understood by all ages. I strongly believe in my younger years of education that lessons on the subjects of racism and sexism would have made us fully understand equality and the fact that no one should be treated any different than others just based on their gender or colour of their skin. Every classroom should be filled with positivity excluding all racism, sexism and prejudice, it should be a safe and pleasant environment for all children no matter their race or gender. These can be seen as sensitive topics though as teachers we need to talk more about them and have a full understanding. I believe we are on the rise of breaking down racism and sexism barriers within todays society however there can always be more still needed to be done.