Personal audit & transferable skills

Activity 1

1. Below are a list of skills and abilities. Complete an audit of where you are now. Record this in your learning journal/portfolio.

Rate yourself (1=Not very well developed; 3=very well developed)

Skills and Abilities




 Self-confidence                      2  
 Take risks                    1
 Organise and plan                       3
Manage Time                       3
 Make presentations                     2
 Act as a leader                     1
 Listen to others                      3
 Debate formally and informally                     2
 Take notes                      3

Although it is important to identify where we are now, it is not enough to stop there. We need to reflect upon how we can develop the skills where we are less confident and how we can transfer the skills in which we are confident and competent.

Activity 2

Complete the audit below, using the information from the table above.

Recognition Reflection Action
Skills already developed How will I use these How do I know (evidence)**
 Self confidence

 i will need self confidence to present myself in front of others.
 Self – discipline  I will need self discipline to accomplish my goals and reach my targets
 Team Work  i will need team work to work collaboratively with peers.
 Act as a leader  i will need to act as a leader when teaching children.
 listen to others  i will listen to each persons opinions and ideas so nobody feels excluded
write for academic purposes


computing skills

be creative


problem solving

 by taking notes frequently in classes to extend my learning.

I will be uploading blogs and using the internet for research

i will think out lessons and plan my day out the night before

when things don’t turn out smoothly i will need to problem solve with coming up with a way to fix this.

** This section should be completed as you identify when/where/how you have used/developed these skills.

Part B – Activity 1

Recognition Reflection Action
Skills not yet developed How will I develop these How do I know (evidence)**
 act as a leader  i will put myself in a position to lead a class.
 organise and plan  i will continue to prioritize my work accordingly and take notes frequently.
 debate formally and informally  i will continue to participate in discussions and debates in and out of classes
 build social networks  i will publish my blogs publicly and socially interact with my peers
 think critically  i will begin to find ways on how i can improve my work.
 generate new ideas  i will research different activities to inspire my ways of thinking.