A Journey Filled with Adventures, Laughs and Determination

For me, teaching isn’t about standing in front of what feels like a hundred small faces staring at you pointing at a board, it’s about interacting with children and shaping their upcoming future by simply making a difference in as many ways as you possibly can. My experiences I have endured from volunteering in a primary school for 2 years and teaching in a dance school for 6 years has ultimately confirmed my decision as watching a child improve and reach their goals has truly inspired me. It is no secret that each child is completely different and therefore learn in different ways at different paces to reach their age and stage of development. This for me, is something I got to fully understand with being on placement as I was able to work with children in all different learning capacities and gradually help each child by dedicating my time on a one to one basis, which Is something that is difficult but so important for a child’s learning experience.

Concentration is something I personally struggled with at school. If a teacher talked for a whole lesson, I most likely switched off for around 5 minutes. 5 minutes may not seem like such a long time but in fact there were times I missed important information and therefore at times I would fall behind. Therefore, I believe that being a teacher should be about interaction, both with pupils and teachers. Lessons should be made fun, enjoyable and active. Children should feel like school and learning is fun instead of it being a chore. Teaching is a gift as having the opportunity to be a part of a child’s success at such an important time of their education is something I wish to peruse in the future.

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