Why are so many Students performing poorly in maths ? Part 1 Data

Students performance in maths ( and all other measures) have been steadily declining in Scotland.

Below are PISA scores from the Scottish Gov Website.

A steady decline .

(We will see in December 2019 if this trends reverses , don’t hold your breath.)

Another graph based on country comparisons. We can see a massive decline since 2003, the worst in the UK

The now scraped  SSLN data

What has happened ? Is it a problem  with our general society ? Why then have we  declined in comparison to England.

The problem must surely lie with our school system. I will expand on this  conclusion in future posts.


(I have focused on maths in this post but the same results are replicated for literacy levels. )


One thought on “Why are so many Students performing poorly in maths ? Part 1 Data”

  1. This is very interesting. I have been a Primary 1 Teacher since I started teaching and only read and heard about the decline in maths. This year my learning journey has taken me to P3. I am surprised at the number of learners who do not know the importance of 0, what the addition or subtraction signs look like or are unable to use a strategy to help them. I look forward to reading more about your itch.

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