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 Links For Parents & Carers

Support for Learning At Home For Children With Additional Support Needs

Web links for parents to access learning and relevant information while at home:

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Transitions 2020: Within Early Years and Going To School  a range of links, guidance, articles and support from the government Parentzone website on transition support for parents and carers of all children who are ‘moving on’ in 2020.

South Lanarkshire Council Psychological Services Twitter feed for daily help, advice and support for parents and carers in this time of crisis.

Weekly Newlsletter For Parents And Carers –  Find ideas, hints and tips for parents and carers, including activities that children can do on their own or families can do together, from Education Scotland.

The website (Living Life To The Full) have produced a leaflet for free courses, support, advice  for all parents and carers. LLTTF Coronavirus

Scotland Learns by the Scottish Government has a range of home learning ideas, updated weekly.

Play Scotland – 101 Ways To Play Campaign. Download booklets with ideas for indoor play and active play.

International Play Association Some useful advice about managing children at home during a crisis.  This has advice on aspects such as messy play at home, managing screen time, managing play that feels noisy and destructive, dealing with loss, illness and death and playing when you can’t get outside.

Parentline Scotland

Advice and help linked to being a parent in the current time of Coronavirus in Scotland. Practical help, links and information.

Parentzone Coroanavirus & Home Learning Advice

Scottish government advice , help, support and guidance. Parent and carer friendly.

Education Scotland Early Years

Information about early learning in Scotland.

South Lanarkshire Leisure And Cultural ServicesClick this link to download the weekly online timetable of events.

SPELL Lanarkshire – voluntary group which provides free support to parents and carers as well as all not-for-profit baby and toddler groups, nurseries and playgroups.

Scottish Child Minding Association – Supporting all aspects of child minding in Scotland.

Citizen’s Advice

Citizen’s advice page for early years parents and carers with wider information and advice linked to the current situation.

Every day is a learning day

Everyday’s a learning day.  Short summaries of brief ideas for children 0-3 years to develop their health and wellbeing and progress their mathematics and literacy skills.

Action For Children Help For Parents

A wide range of help, support, encouragement and advice for all.

Boredom busters

Boredom busters for young children.  Tips and tricks to keep children calm, entertained and engaged during long days at home.

Parent club Scotland

Lots of information for parents for children from 0 years old to teenagers.  Information about coronavirus now updated along with ideas for learning at home, having fun and keeping busy.

Supporting numeracy at home

Lots of ideas about how to embed numeracy and mathematical learning through home learning and real life contexts.

Hungry Little Minds

This site is by the UK government and has so many home learning ideas for babies, toddlers and young children.

Early Years Scotland Ideas for parents across different learning areas.

BBC technology resource

Substantial range of free games, programmes, songs and stories designed for early years.  These resources are a fun way of engaging your child in literacy, language and other curricular areas.

BBC Emotional wellbeing for children

These programmes will help with develop conversations and learning for young children around feelings.  Designed to aid with children’s emotional development.

BBC Rhymes and songs

This is where you will find lots of nursery rhymes and counting songs.  Perfect for developing mathematical knowledge and literacy skills.

Songs, stories and movement games with the BBC

Loads of fun stories, songs and movement games which will help educate and entertain young children.  Fun for all the family!

BBC movement and literacy games

Movement and literacy games to develop a range of skills in young children.  Plenty here to keep wee ones busy.

Cbeebies creativity

Online drawing, painting and design games especially for young children.  Will enable the development of various creative and fine motor skills.

CBeebies watch

Provides an extensive range of songs encouraging children’s language skills through music.

Cbeebies games

Simple online games for young children to help keep them engaged and entertained.

Reading tips

Handy one page guide from Scottish Government regarding quality story times at home.

Home literacy

Further information on how to develop literacy at home and what you can do as a parent, for children from 0 – 16 years.

STEM learning

Develop your child’s learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths):  Ideas for fun science experiments at home in conjunction with a responsible adult.

Home science

Further science experiments to try at home with a responsible adult.  Lots of fantastic learning opportunities.

Learning with a toddler

Do you have a toddler?  This link provides information and ideas about how to develop their play schemas.  Fascinating resource with ideas suitable for children aged 2 – 5 years…. Or older!

Kitchen activities

Fantastic range of kitchen-related fun activities for children from 2 – 5 years old.  Keeps them busy and gives them lots of real life learning opportunities too.

Ball games for toddlers

Great ideas to keep toddlers entertained by playing ball games.  Good resource for developing movement skills and spatial awareness for your wee ones.

Family fun games for home

Ideas for fun family games that everyone can take part in.  Free and easy to access.

Learning with babies

This guide will help you keep your baby engaged and learning.  Following these ideas will also help to build crucial attachment bonds and develop relationships.

Online games and learning

A range of online interactive games, designed to develop mathematics and numeracy skills in children from 3 – 11 years old.  Something for everyone!

Games and activities online

This website provides stories, games and various other learning opportunities.  Designed for young children, these resources will develop language, literacy and mathematical thinking.

Child Bereavement UK

Child Bereavement UK supports families and educates professionals when a baby or child of any age dies or is dying, or when a child is facing bereavement.


Support For Children With Additional Support Needs

Call Scotland – a range of useful information, links and resources

Enquire – advice for parents and support for young people

Augmentative and Alternative Communication – support, resources and learning resource

Autism Toolbox – Coronavirus links and support for parents and carers

Scottish Autism – Meaningful resources on everyday routines, learning and questions

Scottish Autism – Information sheet about dealing with the current situation

National Autism Society – Dealing with Coronavirus and other tips and resources