Welcome! This site has easy to use home learning ideas for children under five in South Lanarkshire and useful links for all parents and carers. 

We want feedback from parents and carers. If you would like specific advice or support added, email or use this feedback form. How can we help with home learning?

Enrolling Your Child For School 2021 – updated information for parents and carers.

South Lanarkshire Council Covid-19 Schools And Nurseries page.

Useful links, information and activities related to starting school.

Advice for parents; looking after yourself and family during this winter lockdown.

South Lanarkshire Early Learning & Childcare page on Facebook.

The site is organised by menu links. Each activity has a symbol to show how suitable it is for each age group. It’s just a rough guide, use your judgement.


Literacy – reading, mark-making, talking ideas and relevant web links.

Numeracy – counting, shape, number, colour, problem solving, weight and volume plus relevant web links.

Creativity – music, art, science, technology and sensory activities plus links.

Health and Wellbeing – physical health, active learning, emotional learning and links.

Useful Links – A range of websites with information and help which may be useful to parents, carers and practitioners.

Hubs – Ideas for practitioner working in hubs. This has been moved here.

Festivals – Activities and links pertaining to festivals, celebrations and cultural events.

Establishment Links – A list of all South Lanarkshire early years establishments with links to their websites.

Links for children with additional support needs


Internet safety

Parent Guide to setting up youtube kids for home computers

Staying safe with 0-5 age group online

Smartie The Penguin – internet safety story

Think U Know – home activity packs