Monthly Archives: December 2016

My thoughts on working together

I cannot believe that semester one at university has went in so quickly. It feels like only yesterday that I was matriculating during freshers week.

I thought that I would write a few blogs in the coming weeks before semester 2 begins on my experiences and thoughts of semester 1.

During first semester I have made so many amazing new friends, understood myself better and also learnt so many new skills and abilities I never knew I had. I particularly enjoyed the 3 modules I took part in during the semester: Working Together, Values: Self, society and the professions and British Sign Language. With all of these modules, I have learnt so many different things and, even though the modules were not fully directed to teaching, I feel I have learnt valuable information that will help me for when I go into the profession.

Working Together

With working together, I had mixed views on the module. The module was a joint module, so education, social work and CLD were all taking part, alongside those who chose it as an elective. I felt what was valuable in the module was learning about how important and complex inter=agency working really is and how I will use it to ensure I progress successfully throughout my career. I also felt that learning how to reflect was important and beneficial to me, as it has helped me understand that, by reflecting on my work, I can understand what I did well on, and what didn’t work as well, so I can improve in the future.

In the module, we were split into group of 10 to complete tasks related to the module. I couldn’t have been given a better group. Although we had some difficulties in the beginning, I felt that we worked well together. What I found particularly good about working in peer learning groups was the fact that I was able to gain a deeper understanding of what the different professions are, and how I will work closely with both social work and CLD during my career.

With going forward for the module for next year, I feel that the activities given for the peer learning group activity need to be explained more as sometimes we were not completely sure as to what was being asked of us to do.

Overall, I quite enjoyed the working together module and felt that it was beneficial in helping me understand inter-agency working