Cooking Lesson 5


Pastiera di grano

Today, we made a traditional Italian cake that it made for Easter. There are a lot of steps in the recipe and it requires a lot of ingredients but the result is worth it.

1.Lisa cooked wheat (grano) in a pot along with 250ml of Milk and some orange and lemon peel.

2. In another pot Ida combined the ingredients for the crema and Jemma cooked the mixture on the hob.

3. Ida then mixed together the ingredients for the base (pasta frolla) to create a ball of dough.

4. I the minced the riscotta cheese and mixed it with some caster sugar.

[insert picture of mincer]

5. The 3 wet mixtures were then combined into one and added to the base.

6. Ida rolled out some of the remaining pasta frolla to make strips to go across the top of the cake.


7. At the beginning we doubled the recipe so after the first cake was made, I went ahead and made another. We put them both in the over at 180 degrees for 40-60 minutes until golden brown.

With the remaining pasta frolla, I made biscuits for the children to have with their tea in the afternoon.


New vocabulary:

girare = stir

grattugiate = grate

assorbire = absorb

fratempo = meanwhile

rafredano = cool down

coltello = knife

tasgliare = to cut

mattarello = rolling pin

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