5:30pm – Pet (B1 Level)

Tonight, the class were learning about the differences between text talk and normal english language. The worksheet introduced new vocabulary such as:

  • replacing words with letters (are = r, you = u, etc)
  • replacing words with numbers ( to = 2, for = 4, etc)
  • using letters and number together to create words (l8r = later, b4 = before, etc)

Using this new knowledge, the booklet then asked the class to change an email using proper english into a text message using text talk.

For the last 15/20 minutes, the class played the board game pictured below. The game provided answers and asked the class to create possible questions, for example:

A: I’m a teacher

Q: What do you do? / What is your job? / What do you do for a living?

A: I think I’ll stay at home.

Q: Do you want to go out tonight? / What are you doing tonight?

A: I collect coins, read comic books and surf the internet?

Q: What are you hobbies? / What do you do in your spare time?




5pm – Starters (A1 level)

This week is the last week the school is open before closing for a week over Easter. The younger classes are completing Easter-based activities instead, including arts and crafts and baking. Tonight, with the starters were made chocolate rice crispy cakes and an Easter bunny craft, as well as some Easter related games at the end. The class really enjoyed tonight and left the building with full bellies and smiles on their faces. Activities such as these fit into the point I made in my ‘Award Ceremony’ post, that coming to English classes should be enjoyable and the children and young people should be rewarded for this hard work throughout the year.




6pm – Pet (B1 level)

Tonight, the class were learning about following instructions and how to write clear instructions to another person. We worked throughout a number of exercises which focused on gathering information from a note left by Tomas to his friend and then moved onto how to construct the instruction left in a note.

Exercise 4 asked the students to choose between:

Long sentences / short sentences

using subject pronouns / not using subject pronouns

using present simple tense / using present continuous tense

using sequencers / not using sequencers

when making their instructions.

Then, using this information we wrote a note to friend giving them instruction for how to use the washing machine. (see examples of their notes below)

Lastly, I gave the students a ‘Post-it’ sized piece of paper and asked them to write another list of instructions which could be stuck on an object. This time they had to be more concise with their wording.

After completing unit 5, we discussed different past time activities for the last 15 minutes of the class. We used the ‘Time Out’ worksheet to initiate the discussion and introduce the class to some new hobby themed vocabulary.




4pm – Puppies (pre A1 level)

Tonight, the puppies had their opportunity to make chocolate rice crispy cakes and Easter bunnies – alongside the Easter cards they made with Lisa on Tuesday.


6pm – 1-2-1 lesson with Elizabetta

Following last weeks topic of shopping, tonight we discussed the topic of buying online and also the process of booking something online, for example a flight or a rental car. Elizabetta completed both units with ease and at the end of the lesson we used the book below to fit in some speaking practice.




3pm – Starters (A1 level)

This afternoon, I continued with the ‘Welcome to School’ booklet that the class started last week.




10am – Puppies (pre A1 level)

This morning, the puppies made the Easter bunny and card crafts, as well as various Easter themed worksheets.

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