Week beginning 26.06.23

This week staff have rotated to new areas in the nursery. Some fantastic learning has been taking place.

Art area

In the art area this week the children have shown an interest in butterflies and we explored different ways we could create them.

On Monday, we used sponges with an electric band in the middle to create imprints of the butterfly shape. Some children chose to use paint brushes to put the paint onto the sponge and some children chose to place the sponge directly into the paint before placing it on their piece of paper, pressing down and lifting up to reveal their butterfly.

On Friday the children created symmetrical patterns on their butterflies wings using collage resources.

STEM area

This week in the STEM area, the boys and girls have been helping to decorate the area and decided to make our own terrarium! We started by collecting some soil from our garden and fill up the tank. We then planted a variety of different seeds and picked some of the nursery resources to decorate the terrarium! Now we will watch what grows over the next few weeks and observe how our mini ecosystem develops and flourishes! This will teach the children about the environment and how to look after it, as well as, observing up closely how nature develops over time! Fantastic week my little scientists 👩‍🔬 🧑‍🔬🌱

Woodwork Area

This week In woodwork the children let their ideas come to life!

We started right from the beginning with some of the children who hadn’t been in the area before then worked up to making houses and even paw patrollers!

The children all showed lots of confidence while using the tools 🛠 and came up with fantastic ideas of what to make. I can’t wait to see what ideas come next week!


This week outside the children have been looking for bugs We’ve been helping take care of them and finding out the names of different ones, and where they live and what they do. We have been finding lots of bugs underneath long pots,stones and taken care of them by putting them in the bug Hotel This is been so much fun outside. Well done boys and girls for taken good care of the bugs 🐞🐛🪲🐜🕷️

Block area

The children have been busy in the block play area this week. They have shown an interest in transport and have been investigating how to build roads, bridges, tunnels and ramps. Children have been their developing teamwork skills as they worked together to create transport systems.

The Village

Welcome to our cosy campsite sensory area which is located upstairs in our ‘village’ area.

This week we have been developing our nurture area where the children can speak about how they are feeling. The area is based on our favourite book ‘The Colour Monster’. When it is finished the children will be able to select how they are feeling and log it with a coloured peg on some ribbon. It’s a perfect opportunity to start a nice chat, building peer to peer and adult to peer relationships. The children have also enjoyed drawing emotion faces on paper plates to add to the display.

We also have our campsite area with tents, cosy cushions and our favourite stories. The rest of the area will be made up of sensory tiles the children can explore with all their senses. 👀 👅 👂 🏕️

We will keep you updated as the area develops!

Home Corner

This week I have been developing the home corner. I have added lights and a sensory fish lamp this was to create a calm cosy house area with interactive role play opportunities with a nurturing baby area and cooking area. There is now a dressing room with jewellery, brushes and dress up opportunities. On the outside I have created a role play outdoor garden to interlink with the house corner. We have a pretend camp fire, books, plants and comfy seating area with lots of story books available.

2-3 Room

Our little acorns have been learning about caterpillars. The children through books have been developing an understanding of their life cycle. The children were able to make simple choices of the colours they wished to use to decorate their butterflies, developing colour recognition. N.B said “caterpillars hide in leafs”. This led to the children sorting leafs into “big” and “small”.

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