Week beginning 24.07.23

The Village

This week the children have been enjoying sports week up in the village. On Monday we played lots of team games and ball games with each other and the parachute 🪂 ⚽️.

Then on Friday we transformed upstairs into a giant obstacle course allowing the children to use their gross motor skills, balance and problem solving to make their way from one corner of the village, right round and ending with the finale of a trip down the slide 🛝.


This week in the STEM area, the children have been looking at the engineering concept of bridges. Using a variety of blocks as the bases and rulers as the bridges, the children had to use their excellent problem solving skills, as well as, their fine motor skills to delicately place the ruler on the blocks without anything falling down. The children scaled this on their own by building a house-like structure and made a bridge with the rulers to combine them. Fantastic work everyone 😁


Art Area

This week in the art area the children made Salt paintings. Using PVA glue and glue spreaders the children marked out their picture and then sprinkled salt on top of the glue before shaking off the excess.  We then left the pictures to dry over night and painted them on the following day.


As part of our dance/gymnastics day for sports week some children joined in a mini gymnastics class where they followed instructions and demonstrations to practice balancing and stretching. The children balanced standing up and on their bottoms. We practiced jumping and sang ‘knees get ready, knees get ready, knees get ready to jump’. We finished off by doing some forward rolls. Well done 🤸‍♀️

Block play

The block play area has supported children’s role play this week. A brick house was built by the third little pig, the wolf huffed and puffed and could not blow it down! The little pig put a fire on for when the wolf came down the chimney. I don’t think the wolf will be in a hurry to visit Oakburn again. Children went on a journey in their car “to see the dinosaurs” and a beautiful Unicorn Castle was created. It has been a great week with children using their language skills to collaborate, creating some large scale masterpieces which enhanced their role play.

Children used their numeracy skills to identify numbers and measure how far they had jumped. Builders used the measuring tapes to work out the length of bricks.

Malleable Area

This week in the malleable area we have been exploring clay. The children have been making clay bowls for us to use to store our beads and other small parts in. The children have done a fabulous job 👏Once the clay has fully set, the children will be able to paint and decorate them too!❤️

Mark making Area

In the mark making area we made our own paper using recycled paper, wool, glue and water. The children learned so much about recycling and the science behind making paper! ♻️

Acorn Room

A few of our acorns next steps was to develop their number and shape recognition. We incorporated this into active week. The children with support counted 0-10, L.F showed the children the numbers. The children then took turns to find the numbers and jump to them. A few children were able to identify numbers “5,3,2”. F.R lifted the number “2” and said “that’s my number”. We then carried out a shape jumping game the children jumped to see which shape they landed on “circle”, “square”, “triangle “. The children then explored our shape book, finding shapes under the flaps.

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