The courtyard 06/09/21

This week in the courtyard, the children have been taking part in a variety of mark making activities. The children showed an interest in dinosaurs, so together we treated a dinosaur world for them to explore. The children used the sand tray to stamp the dinosaurs footprints and draw using their fingers, brushes and wooden sticks. One child said, “look I did my one” when he copied the first letter of his name in the sand.


As the children enjoyed transported the sand to the larger tray, we created a larger version of our dinosaur world and introduced sand cards for the children to copy patterns and shapes. Some children sprinkled the flour and said “it’s like snow!”

Following the children’s interest in the snow, we made cloud dough using cornflour and conditioner. The children measured the ingredients using scoops and mixed then together until they were happy with the texture. Some children chose to make snow balls by pressing the dough in their hands. We used the sand cards to explore more shapes and patterns which the dream copied on the tray.

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