November 26th 2021

Discovery area

This week in the discovery area we have continued to create our ‘Oakburn Children’s Rights Tree. We needed to make more hand prints for leaves and environmental print signs for each key group. Our special tree is coming on great.

We have also been mark making using a variety of different media including scratch cards. We have learned that we don’t always need to use pens and pencils… A lolly stick can be a super tool for mark making. GENIUS.

Towards the end of the week we have been making something for our families… Which is…

Elsewhere in the discovery area we have been enjoying exploring shapes. The children have been helping to make some lovely shapes to hang from the ceiling. We have also been looking for different shapes throughout the nursery. We have been playing the board game Insey Winsey Spider which focuses on shape recognition.

STEM area

In the STEM area this week we have been doing some measuring and learning about inches, mm and cm. The children have been loving measuring things around the nursery and even each other!

We have also been continuing to develop our weather wall. We have added a range of different weather types so that children can come in and record the weather each day.


Outdoors this week the children have been hunting for sticks in the garden to make their own stickmen. We collected different sizes of sticks and talked about the different body parts we would need. “Mines needs long legs” – ED. ES wanted her stickman to be purple so we added different coloured paint and googley eyes to extend the provocation. Afterwards the children wanted to listen to the story. We discussed some of the rhyming words throughout the story and the children were able to identify rhyming words of their own.

It has been a freezing week which has provided us with lots of exploration and investigation of ice and how it changes form. We have been smashing the ice by throwing, jumping, stomping and hitting it. We have also been discovering ways to make it melt. Please remember to send hats, scarves, gloves and extra layers in, to keep us extra cosy!

We found forest creatures in the woodland and came up with a  hide and seek game which allowed us to explore the environment in more depth. Finding lichen, we learned that it produces oxygen, which humans need to survive. This led on to a conversation about looking after our environment and how we do this.

A delivery of trees of trees have been dropped at Oakburn, which we will be planting over the next couple of weeks.


Construction Area

This week in construction, the children have been making Christmas decorations through wood, cardboard and arts and crafts.


In the courtyard this week we have been thinking about Christmas! The children have been choosing their favourite colours and designs… You will all love what we have been making.


In Malleable area we have been exploring ‘PIZZA’. The children created their own pizza using playdough. We then created a survey to find out what our favourite pizza was. Tomato pizza was the most popular. The children then helped to prep real vegetables to make our own pizza for snack.

Acorn Room

This week in the Acorn Room we have been learning about shapes and numbers. The children used the ‘Dotty Dinosaur’ game and shape sorters to work on their shape recognition.

We read the story ‘Millie Mae in Autumn’ to learn about the weather and used leaves we found from the garden to count and glue on to our pictures. We looked at the different sizes of leaves, comparing biggest and smallest.

We have begun our Christmas activities that we are looking forward to revealing with you soon.

Have a lovely weekend!



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