December 3rd 2021


Expressive Area

This week in the expressive area we have continued to explore our interest in transient art. We have been decorating little Christmas trees with a range of different loose parts. Each one was beautiful and unique!

Lots of children have been interested in mark making! We decided to use a range of different tools and different surfaces to develop our fine motor skills.

We have been developing our curiosity skills as we explored shredded paper. We were able to identify letters and numbers that were hidden throughout. We also developed our fine motor skills as we used tongs to retrieve the pom-poms. Some of the children said the shredded paper looked like snow!


This week the children have been getting into the festive spirit at Oakburn EYC. With the help of Hannah we have decorated both our Courtyard Christmas Tree and our HUGE outdoor tree. They look amazing!

On Tuesday we celebrated St Andrews day. We used different colours and sizes of paper to create our own tartan kilt. We discussed patterns and many of the children were able to follow a pattern using 2 or 3 colours.

It has been a very icy week in our garden and the children have enjoyed exploring the ice. This led us on to having a discussion about snow and when the snow would come. Using the iPad we had a look at pictures of snow and snowflakes. We created our own snowflakes using loose parts and cork boards. Through this activity we discussed symmetry and how to make symmetrical patterns.

Discovery Area

In the discovery area we have been focusing on our fine motor skills and this was the perfect opportunity to make paper chains and Christmas decorations to hang on our trees.

For St Andrews day we made wool patters, danced to Scottish music and read stories.

Towards the end of the week we explored loose parts introduced through a Christmas theme.


In the malleable area we have been exploring shape through playdough. The children developed their fine motor skills as they manipulated the playdough in their hands, rolling, pressing and squeezing it. They then used our cutters to make it into a shape of their choice

2-3 Acorn Room

It is officially Christmas month within our acorn room. We have been very creative making our Christmas surprises for our families. We have had sensory experiences like our reindeer food provocation. A few children were able to identify the colours of the magical drops and count them as they added them to their bag. A few children chose to make Christmas trees with their hands. The children are learning our Christmas songs and are beginning to copy a few words and follow a few of the actions.

Just a reminder we are looking to create and igloo. We would appreciate if you brought in your finished milk cartons. Thanks in advance.

Have a lovely weekend!




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