Links to Technologies

Links to the Technologies Curriculum

Learners will develop knowledge, skills, attributes and capabilities around the key concepts/significant aspects of learning in the technologies.

  • Using digital products and services in a variety of contexts to achieve a purposeful outcome
  • Searching, processing and managing information responsibly
  • Cyber resilience and internet safety
  • Understanding the world through computational thinking
  • Understanding and analysing computing technology
  • Designing, building and testing computing solutions

Within each of the key concepts/significant aspects of learning learners will develop and demonstrates

  • knowledge and understanding of the key concepts in the technologies
  • curiosity, exploration and problem solving skills
  • planning and organisational skills in a range of contexts
  • creativity and innovation
  • skills in using tools, equipment, software, graphic media and materials
  • skills in collaborating, leading and interacting with others
  • critical thinking through exploration and discovery within a range of learning contexts
  • discussion and debate
  • searching and retrieving information to inform thinking within diverse learning contexts
  • making connections between specialist skills developed within learning and skills for work
  • presentation and communication skills

Digital Literacy

I can extend and enhance my knowledge of digital technologies to collect, analyse ideas, relevant information and organise these in an appropriate way. TCH 2-01a

I can use digital technologies to search, access and retrieve information and am aware that not all of this information will be credible. TCH 02-02a

I can explore online communities demonstrating an understanding of responsible digital behaviour and I’m aware of how to keep myself safe and secure. TCH 2-03a

Computing Science

I understand the operation of a process and its outcome. I can structure related items of information. TCH 2-13a

I can explain core programming language concepts in appropriate technical language. TCH 2-14a

I understand how information is stored and how key components of computing technology connect and interact through networks. TCH 2-14b

I can create, develop and evaluate computing solutions in response to a design challenge. TCH 2-15a

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