FAQ: When do we have to upload our game?

Teams will have to upload their game and any supporting documentation by the 8th May 2020.

What kind of supporting documentation?

Judges will be looking for background research into the Five Rights. This could be a presentation, video, photographs or an animation.

Scratch Game

Please remember that if your team’s picked to attend the final, you will have to re create your game on the day. You will have approximately two hours to do this so please don’t make your game too complicated.

You will be allowed to take your backgrounds and characters on a memory stick but not the code.

FAQ: Can we have more than 4 in a Team?

I am afraid we cannot accept teams of 5 for the reasons below,

  • Other teams may think it is unfair
  • We may not have enough prizes if a team of 5 win
  • Schools may then ask if they can have a team of 6

We would suggest the options below,

  • Have 2 smaller teams made up of 3 and 2
  • The 5 pupils could work together in school on a couple of games before deciding which team will have which game to submit for their competition entry
  • Work with cluster schools (this could be done online)

FAQ: Scratch Accounts

As a teacher you have the ability to request a teaching account via the Scratch website. After you have created your teacher account, you can then generate accounts for your students without the need for email addresses. You can set up the accounts with first name, seat number or any name that the pupils would like to use.

However, please do run this past your local information security officer to make sure that they are happy with this process.