Using music in the teaching of modern foreign languages

Lesson Plan – Linking music with modern languages 

Class/Group: P4    Lesson: French         Date: 21/9/18

Previous Experience

Brief introduction to the verb etre (to be)

Working towards outcomes of a Curriculum for Excellence

I explore the patterns and sounds of language through songs and rhymes and show understanding and enjoyment by listening, joining in and responding (MLAN 2-01a)

Responsibility of all – Literacy/Numeracy/ICT/HWB (where appropriate):


Learning Intention Success Criteria
  • To be able to understand the meaning of etre
  • to be able to engage with a song
  • to be able to use appropriate punctuation
  • to be able to work well with a partner


  • I understand the meaning of the verb etre
  • I can sing the verb endings of etre
  • I can respond to the teacher
  • I can use correct pronunciation
  • I can work together with a partner







Resources  Etre song on YouTube, worksheets


Timing   Assessment methods



15 mins










35 mins




5 mins



Setting the context/Beginning the lesson (Introduction)


  • Introduce the etre verb again
  • write the verb endings on the board
  • explain to class what each phrase means
  • speak the verb ending patterns together
  • show song on youtube
  • play a couple of times for repetition
  • sing the French and ask the class to sing back the English translation
  • split the class into two and one half sing the English and the other the French (do this a few times and take it in turns)




Teaching the learning intentions (Development)

  • use ‘Je suis’ and practice finishing the sentence with the class e.g. ‘je suis content’, ‘je suis fatigue’
  • make a bank of words on the board
  • get the class to practice saying phrases to their partner using help from the board
  • give out worksheets for pupils to complete where they have to match the French phrase with the english
  • share answers together with the class

 Ending the lesson (Plenary)

  •  look at the song again and sing together
  • check to see if pupils have improved and have the verb in their head







Success Criteria Results Next steps for the children




















Going well (what worked and why?)



















Areas for development (what didn’t work and why?)
Next Steps for Me











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