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Over the past 12 weeks I have explored so many new things surrounding technology. It has helped me realise how useful and important the use of technology is in the classroom. Technology has rapidly become a huge part of everyone’s everyday life. According to Prensky, today’s pupils “have spent their entire lives surrounded by and using computers, videogames, digital music players, video cams, cell phones, and all the other toys and tools of the digital age.” (2001, pg. 1). I believe it is vital that we incorporate it within teaching and learning as this will help to reflect the world out with school.

What Digital Technologies has Taught Me

I have learnt and developed so much in the past weeks but a huge skill I have developed is my reflection. Completing these blogs has helped me discover things I could have improved on and to help weigh the advantages and disadvantages of certain tasks. This is a hugely important skill that I will continue to develop as this is a very useful skill to have as a teacher. Even though I am a digital native myself, it has shown me many different ways technology can be used within the classroom. Many of these have been ways I would never have thought of to use. In addition, it has also helped to develop my confidence with different types of technology and taught me not to be scared to use it within a classroom.

Self Evaluation

At the start of this class we were given a self evaluation. I was not very confident in many of the areas, but I do believe my confidence has grown in many of these areas.

  • ActivInspire

I had rated myself a 0/5 at the start as I had never heard of this or used it. However, after discovering what it was, I realised that I had seen this used in the classroom. It was hard to use at first, but I slowly figured out how to use it. I would now rate myself a 3/5 as I am still a bit uncertain about it but once I continue to use it I will be more confident.

  • Programmable Toys

I gave myself a 2/5 as I had some experience with these but was not confident in how to use them. After focusing on these I am very confident with using these and would be able to use these in a classroom. Therefore, I would give myself a 5/5.

  • Coding

At the start I gave myself a 0/5 as I never had any experience with this. I also had no idea how I would use this in the classroom. However, after using this I have discovered how easy and effective thus can be so would now give myself a 5/5

  • iPad

At the start I gave myself a 5/5 as I believed I could use one effectively. I still agree with this and would rate myself the same.

  • Games-based Learning

I gave myself 5/5 for this also as I had played video games throughout my life. After learning about this I would also agree with this as I would be able to use games to enhance teaching.

  • Outdoor Learning

At the start I gave myself a 4/5 as I felt quite confident in this area. I would still agree with this rating as I do not think I have improved here as much as everywhere else.

  • Glow

I rated myself 3/5 as I was unsure about how to do certain things but could still use it. I believe I would now give myself 4/5 as I feel confident using this but there are still a few things I am unsure of.


Overall, this class has enhanced my understanding of how important using technologies in a classroom really is. I believe this is something that should be used as it can corelate with the world around us which is filled with technology. I have improved a lot with my use of technology and with my reflective skills. I have really enjoyed this option and I am sad it is over. However, everything I have learnt will stay with me and will come in useful in the future.


  • Prensky, M. (2001) Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants Part 1. On the Horizon. [Online] Vol.9(5), pp.1-6. Available: Emerald Management 111. [Accessed: 03 April 2019]

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