online maths assessment

For each year indicate the score you achieved in both OMA and OLA and then write appropraite reflective commentary in what this may mean…

13/10/14 – 59%  – This was surprising to me as it was lower than I thought it was going to be. This is probably because I have not practiced maths of this level for the past 2 years. This shows me that I need to revise maths before attempting the OMA again.

19/01/15 – 68% – I am very pleased with this improvement from October. I still feel that I need to practice and become more confident in my basic maths skills before going out on placement. I will hopefully attempt the NOMA again before this time

30/09/2015 – 61% – I am disappointed that my mark has gone down slightly after summer, I did find this particular NOMA harder than previous ones though as it contained more aspects of maths which I was more unsure about. However, to improve this score I will try the NOMA again after I practice some of the maths which I found difficult

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