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Situated Communication- Outdoor Den Building

In our den building experience we had no official leaders as we all were contributing and ‘piggybacking’ on ideas. Due to the fact there was not an official leader meant we could all have our ideas shared therefore this was including each of member of our group. Our most challenging aspect as a group was deciding whether our den was secure enough. As we used the longest white poles available then bent them as semi-circle slightly dug into the ground. We needed to decide if this was secure enough for us to to use. By working together, digging them further into the ground and using other methods to secure we decided this was safe enough to use.

When the other group did their explanation they had really good ideas and seemed to worked really well as a group.  They had really positive body language and followed with gestures as well. Their thoughts were very clear and maintained good eye contact with us. They provided all of the 5p’s assessment requirements; per assessment, planning, preparation, presenting and postmortem.

The environment only slightly impacted our communication I think we were lucky as the trees sheltered us allowing us to talk. We discovered that comparing this to a typical classroom it was easier to get distracted by various sounds and trees swaying. When were listening to the other group we discovered that we could hear dog walkers and dogs (which we extremely enjoyed). However this could of been distracting for the other group.

Our negotiation was to ask for bin liners for more shelter in our den. This was extremely successful as they were happy to give us some as they did not need them. The most challenging part about negotiation was deciding on an item that we knew a group would be willing to part with. Luckily for us something we needed, another group did not so it work in favour for both groups.