CPD Sharing

Dear colleague

First we brought you the ISRU blog (http://glo.li/dDt5fI). Then we brought you this conference website.

Now we bring you the ISRU CPD community on Glow! (http://glo.li/gVgY6k)

Membership advantages include:

  • keeping in touch with colleagues across Scotland
  • a place to share what we think and what we’re doing
  • a place to share and work together on our intentions to really make a difference for young people
  • regular updates from the ISRU facilitators (Alan and Ollie)

The ISRU community is affiliated to CPDCentral (http://glo.li/gaxJ57) which will help you in a wide range of CPD.

OK, how do I join?

Step 1, remember this hashtag #isru

Step 2a, check this page (http://glo.li/gB6LXK) on CPDCentral. If your picture appears, click on it, edit the properties and add #isru to the hashtag area. Save and Close

Step 2b, If your picture doesn’t appear, follow this link (http://glo.li/hJU5SE) and fill in the details. Remember to add #isru to the hashtag area

Step 3, I’ll email you!

Thanking you in anticipation

*Glow login required.  If you work for a local authority and do not have access to Glow please contact the responsible person in your authority.

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