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  1. Well to start with, how about streaming the conference through other platforms than GLOW ? If the Scottish government are funding the conference than surely it should be available to all those with an intereest, professional or otherwise, in the subject matter. Its perfectly possible to do this, as other national events in the UK have demonstrated. Or is it perhaps symptomatic of a desire to up GLOW usage figures by LTS ? I don’t know and perhaps my conspiracy theories are way off mark. Nevertheless, there are many folk throughout Scotland and beyond who I am sure would have liked to play a part in this conference but were unable to due to work or geography. Their contributions could surely have been useful ?
    I know Ewan McIntosh has made similar points, as has Theo Kutchel, but I’m getting a bit fed up of being the one who has to pour cold water on such good and worthwhile event as this, but the point is valid, and related to the post above, which after all, is all about access…

  2. Hi Jaye,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I’ll take the blame for this. I made the decision to stream through Glow rather than onto the live web. I wasn’t to drive up Glow figures. It was just that because we were talking about the sexual exploitation of children and that is a pretty sensitive issue. I didn’t want to tell any of our keynote presenters to hold back on the content they would normally deliver to a private audience. I felt it was therefore best in this instance to get each presenter to approve their video and advice if we need to make any edits before posting onto the web. We did however agree before hand with the presenters that they were happy for a Glow Live stream for registered adult Glow users. Perhaps I was wrong?

    We will be editing video and slides over the next few weeks and all of this content will be posted on the conference website (which is available to all). The conference images that were created today will also be available to all.

    As you know any registered teacher with the GTCS can apply for access to CPDStepIN – which includes access to the Internet Safety and Responsible Use Community.

    We see the conference as another milestone in continuation of the work that we have been doing in this area and I very much hope that you, Ewan and Theo will contribute to the conversation when you can.

    I agree with you 100% about trying to open up conferences – I still think it’s a shame that some conferences take place and they make no attempt at all to communicate and share the learning outside of the four wall of the conference hall. I wonder how many conferences (that are funded by public money) that take place that we don’t even know about? Today we tried our best to tweet, capture and share as much as we could and as always this was down to a few really hard working individuals who I was grateful for their support.

    I look forward to your comments on the conference content if you have time and when it is posted.


  3. That’s cool- I appreciate your dilemma ! And apologies for my typos, by the way. I was able to follow the gist of the event from the tweets and look forward to the content being made available soon. It’s an important area of work in education and I know you have played a significant role in widening public awareness of the benefits and dangers of Internet use by children and young people, unlike the coalition government, who, it has to be said, should look again at their motives and intentions with regard to the CEOP situation.

  4. Really disappointed that I was unable to make it to the event yesterday. The programme sounded excellent and the Glow stream, for Glow users, allowed me to attend at some points even though I was working in Glasgow. As for making LTS events available to a wider audience than solely those who can acces via Glow, we are planning to do this via UStream for aspects of our Game to Learn Conference next week. Details to be announced very soon. Great to share, where and when appropriate (as Ollie has described) LTS events with a wider audience but what we have is the ability to add value to that by pulling together via Glow a community of practice. The work that Con Morris and the CPD team have been doing in this area is very well thought-out and has the potential to inform and influence the way in which our online CPD communities are designed and nurtured. Well done to all involved in this event.

  5. Here’s my top ten list of actions that I will take away from #ISRU11

    1. Target a specific event for our IT Technicians for e-safety training (who may be located elsewhere in authority and not in the school community!

    2. Include Augumented Reality apps and enhanced location media / apps in our e-safety training. Increase my own learning / understanding of these.

    3. Expand on the whole sexualisation of young people agenda in schools through e-safety and also Violence Against Women agenda and Relationships, Sexual health and Parenting and PSE.

    4. Focus more on assessment of outcomes, I’m thinking of setting up workshops in a ‘Co-operative Learning’ style to encourage groups of professionals to use ‘Make, See, Write, Do’ to examine and proprose how skills and attitudes are asessed from e-safety programs.

    5. Source more resources for vulnerable adults and build that into our strategy.

    6. Run our own CPD event in the future for Highland.

    7. Increase work with private sector organisations.

    8. Increase the gathering of case studues / good practice to share.

    9. Develop guidance and support for working in online communities, especially for parent councils, community groups and facebook.

    10. Make sure I pass on all the presentations and information etc to my colleagues!

    Thank you to everyone at LTS, I was very pleased to be a part of the conference and look forward to taking all of the above forward (now I’ve declared it!)

    As always really happy to discuss, share and take forward this agenda with colleagues anywhere!

    Louise Jones.

  6. Louise, thanks for sharing this. Your list captures some of the key points raised in the workshops I attended, as well as the Q and A at the end of the event.

    You might want to add some of these to i-intend in cpdcentral? if you would like Glow colleagues to help with any of them, just tag them with #isru and they will appear in the ISRU Glow Group too.

    It also means you get support and reminders from CPDScotsman!

    Thanks again for sharing you Highland journey – i’m in awe of what you have achieved and how you continue to push this agenda on.


  7. Hi Louise this is a great list – I can give you more information on AR and facila recognition. The sides that Helen used were actually mine! which meant I had to change my presentation for the final slot! Thanks for all your suggestions hard work and commitment to this agenda. See you soon. Ollie

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